Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil

This passage often conjures death in my mind immediately but I was most recently taught a new way of viewing these scriptures that I felt were most encouraging.

Another view of these scriptures:
Life's circumstances of being in the valley with mountains all around you so all you have are the shadows of the mountains on both sides of is so so dark in this valley that even the shadow of death hails over you.....everywhere around you seems hopeless but the scripture goes onto say, "I will fear no evil"............."For you are with me"......"Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me." So even at the lowest place and most certainly the scariest place you could ever says, "I won't fear evil".....I know God is with me and he's even given me tools to fight off whatever might cause harm or pain with his rod and his staff. So, I'm there but yet he is protecting me in the journey....coaching me on.

The scripture starts off, "Yea though I doesn't say run, skip, or merrily get through this just says if we keep walking....look straight ahead to his promises and use his rod and staff for comfort....there will be table that awaits me. So if we stay with the journey and finish it, it is no different than someone who runs a marathon and finishes their race. They are bestowed accomplishment, maybe a t-shirt, maybe some sort of satisfication of funds they have contributed to a worthy cause, or maybe it is just a "I survived the _____race".

In this race, my head would be annointed, my cup would runneth over and surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. FOREVER!

So this passage which used to make me think of sorrow...really brings me joy because in my shadows of sorrow and pain, I'm reminded to keep my eyes on him, keep walking, not give up and my days would be blessed. This promise is to all of us. My valley right now is battling my physical body. Your valley may be relationships, financial, jobs, mental or physical as well. It doesn't matter but if we believe and follow HIS word, I know we will be victorious.

Sometimes the walk through the valleys seem very long and can be tiring. I know I'm already tired of mine but cognizant of the fact that my mission and my mind must stay true to the route and journey because at the end, I want to reap the bountiful blessings.

Today, I'm headed back to Emory to get my ultrasound done. This will identify breast masses that keeping showing up on other scans. I'm expecting results of benign cycsts or something unsubstantial but nonetheless, it will be good to know.

So far today, I've only had a headache and some loss of hair. Nothing substantial compared to other days. I thank God for another great day!


Anonymous said...

Leah, I know all of us go through the valley's, some are more difficult than others but I know with faith in the Lord he does protect us and takes care of us. I know he is taking care of you in your time of needs and I continue to pray for you day and night. Cecil wanted me to tell you he has also been praying for you. He has been concerned on how you are doing. Remember that I love you very much. Vickie

#1Fan said...

Hi Leah. I hope by now you are settled in for a good nights' rest! That is my prayer for you tonight. Rest well sweet lady.

Mother said...


When I'm low in spirit I cry Lord lift me up I want to go higher with Thee
But nothing grows high on a mountain so He picked out a valley for me.
And He leads me beside still waters somewhere in the valley below....
And He draws me aside to be tested and tried . In the valley He restoreth my soul

It's dark as a dungeon and the sun seldom shines
And I question Lord why must this be
Then He tells me there's strenght in my sorrow and there's victory in trials for me

And He leads me beside still waters somewhere in the valley below.
And He draws me aside to be tested and tried. In the valley He restoreth my soul

Yes my dear He is leading you through the valley....
Down in the valley He restoreth your soul.

Love, Mother
I can't download these songs to your blog. But you can listen to them on You Tube.