Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well, I'm officially 25% of the way completed!

Yeah! Although I've gotten my infusion pump removed and I have the next 2 weeks to go through any side effects, technically I completed my 3rd treatment!

I've tried to meet someone each time I go to Emory. This helps me understand my own journey, pray for others on their journey and realize that no matter how bad I may have it, someone else is doing worse.

I have found that the older people are doing much better on chemo than I am. I guess it was right when they said that chemo side effects are worse on younger people than older. I met a lady who was carrying the same pump and she said she was Stage 4-most advanced and has been doing chemo for 1 1/2 yrs. I couldn't believe it! She said she takes all the pills but has gotten so used to it that it doesn't bother her. Another classic example of someone older than 50 that says the side effects were manageable without pain. Just the opposite of what I've experienced. So happy for them, very frustrating for me!

My nurse said less than 5% of the people have nausea. Here we go again....I fall into the 5% category. I get very nauseated and the hiccups from the nausea medicine. I hiccuped all night long even in my sleep. We did everything to help me get rid of the hiccups but it didn't last long. The nurse said is is from the anti-nausea drugs. Well....I have to have them so I guess I will hiccup until my body gets over it!! ha.

Interestingly enough, my dog has been sick the whole time I've been sick. We have to keep giving him anti-nausea medicine too! Funny thing is the vet gave him the same medicine as me. I can't understand why he has been sick....other than the smell of the chemo or just sympathy pains for me. I feel so bad when he looks at me with his sad eyes. I try to keep him away but the more sick I am, the more he wants to lay on me to comfort me. Crazy Animal!

I'm praying for a much better time this time. I believe wholeheartedly with all the prayer that has gone up that this is going to be a better time!

I didn't want to lose weight as a result of chemo but I didn't want to gain weight either. Yesterday when they weighed me, I had gained weight. They told me it was from the steriods. Oh joy! Or maybe it is all the great cooking everyone has been bringing over! :-) My cell counts were really good, in fact they had only dropped 1 point from the treatment before, which was unbelievable! The time before they really dropped alot but my cell counts have been holding steady. I just pray they stay this way because I won't have to have additional shots to create cell counts that will sustain chemo and it won't delay treatments. I want to slide on through, finish this stuff and get back on the road to normal! Whatever normal is.......:-)

Have a good weekend! Love to all,


Donna said...

I really look forward to reading your blogs. They are so uplifting & encouraging. I thankful for every touch and ounce of strength God is giving you. To God be the glory for all.

I am sure folks that you are meeting are seeing Jesus through you. "And we know that all things work together for our good." No, we don't always understand but have to lean hard on the Master of it all.

I was in prayer this morning and the most beautiful presence of God overwhelmed me. I looked out and saw little birds hopping around and just had to think about the little birds don't go hungry because Jesus sees and takes care of even them. I am so glad we know Him like we do.
May God give you a special uplift & strength, leaving all nausea & pain aside.

Donna New

#1Fan said...

Leah, so good to know things are a little better, God is doing his work. Keep the faith as I can tell you will. You are such an amazing person and a true example of a Christian! Thank you for showing us that, we never know when we will have a turn. I've learned that much from living 56 plus years - the only people not going thru something are the ones who already did or the ones who are about to. So we must stay on our knees and ask God for strength and faith for whatever storms we face. You are dong that and all of us out here are praying for you to receive blessings as well.

I'm doing a little traveling for my job and when the plane got so high above the clouds coming home last night, I looked out and asked God to stay close to you, and I could feel some energy, like a light or twinkle among the clouds, and I know what that was! God is with you every step of this journey. I love you and pray for you and hope one day to meet you! Love from Washington, DC until I return to Atlanta. And remember, "There's no place like home!"