Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hello Everyone! My name is Lisa and I am Leah's sister. You will hear from me from time to time. From the beginning we decided that I would blog sometimes for her. Please do not panic if we do not blog everyday as some days are very hectic with Doctor appts., etc. but we will continue to blog along the journey.

Today has not been a good day. Leah has been in a lot of pain. This evening she was doing a little better but the pain has not completely went away. She is now resting and we are praying she starts feeling better soon. She is trying to keep her strength up for what is to come in the next few days. She will have more tests and her chemo. treatment this week.

This ugly thing called cancer has her on a roller coaster. She physically is up and down because of the chemo. and meds. you never know what to expect next. The side effects can happen at anytime and sometimes days later. It is the not knowing what is next that is unsettling at times.

My sister is a fighter and will continue to do so with help from God and the prayers and support of family and friends. You will never know how much your prayers and words of encouragement mean to her. She loves getting cards, posts and email. She may not feel well enough to respond to them but she does read them and it is so much encouragement to her.

Thank You for everything you have done for the family. It has been a blessing.
Please continue to keep Leah and family in your prayers.
God Bless You,

To my sister,
God made us sisters,
Our hearts make us friends.
Love keeps us bonded
Thru thick and thin.

Love ya, Lisa xoxo


#1Fan said...

Good morning Leah and good morning Lisa and to all the others who are praying constantly for the strength and healing of this child of God. Thank you Lisa for responding on Leah's blog; I do get jittery when I don't see Leah's post, because I have seen up close what this cancer and the "cure" medicines can do. But I have also seen first hand the healing powers of God as my family member who was fighting cancer is with us years after the doctors gave up. She has seen three grandbabies come into the world so I know there is so much more for Leah to do, in time. Meanwhile, I pray for her. I feel so bad when I know she is hurting so I drop down on those knees again. She is so blessed to have a nuturing family and I feel blessed to have been able to share in this thru the blog. I can't wait to meet her face to face! Once she is stronger, we all must get together and have a party!! This morning during our Church services at Liberty, we will join hands and thank God for Leah and ask that he shower her with his blessings and give her strength to fight this battle.
Love to everyone, Vernie

Donna said...

I ache for you as I know you are in pain & misery. My heart is heavy during this ordeal that is so unpleasant. And we might wonder why but we know that HE that made us has His hand upon us & nothing comes our way that HE does not allow. I continue praying for the uplift & strength that God WILL give you during this trying time. We love you & thank God daily for His touch in this situation.

Donna New