Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't forget....Exams, Exams, Exams!

Today I feel about 50% myself. I still have pain and other side effects but I don't feel as out of it as I did yesterday. When I feel really bad, I lose my motivation to blog...so please forgive me. I love to read comments and encouragement on here so I know that I must do my part...sometimes my body and mind are in 2 different places. I know those who read care and understand so I will not labor this point.

However, the point I would love to labor is for everyone to keep doctor's appts., yearly exams, etc. I know in the past when I read something like that....the thoughts that go through everyone's mind..."yeah, it happened to them so that is why they are crusading but it isn't going to happen to me" and on we go with our life.

Well...I for one should be an example of thinking it won't happen to me. I didn't have any of the high risk factors for colon cancer (including family history). In fact, I've never had a problem in my life with my colon, any other organ for that matter and nothing ever that serious. I would treat doctor's appts. as less important as meetings or day to day activities.

If I set an appt. and an "important" meeting came up at work, I would just call and reschedule. Please understand that I have excellent management at work who did not ever make me feel as if I needed to change anything...I did it myself! I wish I had that luxury now but guess what...you do!! Make Appointments and keep them!!

When I went in for my colonscopy, just to make sure the side effects I was having from medicine I was taking for restless legs wasn't anything serious....they almost rescheduled me because they weren't sure I was prepped enough for the exam. Thank the Lord the Surgeon went on and did the exam, as I would have talked myself out of the exam and would not have gone back any time soon. I would most likely have met my Maker or have been very close.

As most know, the tumor was so large that they had to work to push the small scope through the tumor to do my exam and said they weren't sure if they were going to get it through. The Surgeon told me it was only a matter of approx. 3 months and it would have been completely blocked and that most certainly that would be the end of my journey! This is why they call cancer, a silent killer. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! :-)

I was going through life, attending all the "important" meetings and day to day activities while anything but normal was happening within my body. There is no need to fear cancer or anything else....it is more important to know that you don't have anything than to fear that you do. Just check to make sure you don't. Pretty Simple!

My oldest brother, Jonathan, just had his colonscopy and he is totally fine! Praise the Lord! Every person in my family who has an exam and is clear, is a victory. My Surgeon and Oncologist said all my siblings, including my children needed to get an exam (this is one area where my children are blessed to be adopted and not have to worry as much about this particular disease). :-) This is the only point of having exams....just to make sure everything is fine and if not, catch anything while you can early. It was always a mind battle with me....it will never be again.

My cancer is very aggressive and my Surgeon thinks it grew in 6-8 months but the events surrounding how it was found and why to me are God's protection on my life. It was always shrugged off as lasting effects from food poisoning I had several years before. My Surgeon wasn't at all concerned, even said he wouldn't normally do an exam but since I was now 39...he would go ahead.....at this point, I would have pushed for more testing because my intuition had me alarmed for the 1st time in my life about myself....so there you go...medicine does not know everything but YOU must do YOUR PART to make sure you are available for all the "important" meetings in your life.

Every day I live this journey I think about all the things I wished I had done differently or would have made more time for....Honestly, I don't really have regrets but the one thing I would regret is if I were remiss in being one other person to say...."Don't forget about your Exams, Don't fear and Always Keep God Near"....No amount of love, education, money will cure you. It affects, old, young, rich, poor, educated, uneducated...it is not biased toward anyone. Believe me, it is a very tough journey but I'm so glad to be walking it with God, Family and YOU!

As always, love to all! :-) Each one of you are making my journey worthwhile...and believe me, everyday I'm looking for something positive in this walk.
Leah P.S. I'm putting up more pictures at the bottom should you want to peek!


Anonymous said...

Hey Leah,

Glad you are feeling a little better today. I look forward to reading your blog every morning and night. Wish i could be there with you. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Love Ya Sis

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed talking to you tonight and praying you have a great night!! I love you so much and just love getting on even after we talk just to read your blog. I can't wait to come over and hang out with you.. Its great having you in my life.
You are always in my prayers.

Love ya Girl!!

Ellie Neumann said...


I just noticed the array of pictures at the bottom of your blog. You have a beautiful family! What a blessing and gift from our good God.