Friday, September 5, 2008

Now THAT is a WRAP!

You know how good it feels when someone puts their arms around you and squeezes that kind of squeeze only a parent could give? The unconditional love that everything is going to be okay?

My aunt mentioned something to me the other day during her surgery that has continued to simmer on my mind. She said that when she came out of surgery and was in so much pain, she prayed that God would wrap his arms around her physically so she would feel comforted like a child. She would often do this when she felt at her lowest.

On my worst day this week, I did that too! As I prayed, I felt God wrap his arms of comfort around me and I could actually feel my muscles calm down and begin to relax.

My mom has spent the last couple of her "vacation" days with me. Thanks to dad for allowing her to use her time with me rather than home getting things done or relaxing with him, as she really should have been. It is comfort like this when your day isn't at its best and you see mom in the kitchen tending to things that need done, or checking to make sure you've had your medicine, heating up some tea to relax you and just being there because she wants to be.

My aunt comes over and visits and she also puts a great smile into the day, relaxing and talking and just providing a comfort day. It is all these things that make you realize that if most days are days like the past couple of days, then it is really going to be okay (even on the days that aren't the most comforted) :-)

Out of the blue, someone decides to mail an aromatherapy kit with a comfort wrap of lavendar and camomile. Mom puts it in the microwave and around my neck. If you've never tried one, you must! I could immediately feel the tension in my neck and shoulders relax. My back which has been bothering me from the surgery....well....another go around in the microwave, pronto...onto the back.....another go around....on the legs, so on and so forth... this wrap has made it in the microwave no less than 10 times. Mom says that she and dad use these wraps all the time and was sorry she hadn't thought to mention it.

Steve wakes up with a guessed it...another round in the microwave, boom...Steve now has the comfort wrap around his neck. Of course, he doesn't appreciate it the same but he didn't say it didn't help or he didn't give it right back either. I put it back in the microwave and wrap it around my neck. I don't know if I will ever release this to the wild again. In fact, I may get another one so I can use two at the same time.

The comfort we get from people and things are further reminders of the comfort God gives us each and every days of our lives. It is in the smallest of things but because we are so busy, we often fail to notice or mention it until times like this when God slows us down....and makes us realize that he was that comfort all along....I was just to busy to notice or appreciate it.

You can't get a present any better than comfort in times of despair or trouble. I'll put that in a microwave and wrap up on that! "-)


Mother said...

Good morning my dear,
Just read your blog and was so glad that the “granny grumps wrap” is continuing to work for you. lol
I am so thankful I was able to stay with you the last three days .
I realized that my organized daughter, who was always up on everything, had lost her way in a strange world of treatments and medicine. Making up a schedule, and keeping a logbook with the meds,plus documenting everything has really helped. The doctor told you to quit worrying about becoming addicted to the pain meds---right now we need to keep you pain free.
Even though we never got the Christmas presents wrapped, or any Christmas cards written at least it gave you something to look forward to. I would like to tell you to quit worrying about making out thank you cards, or buying Christmas presents, but then I realize it gives you something to do, or look forward to in the long long days and nights of idleness. The body and mind war against each other. The mind says lets go, and the body says I’m sick
Yesterday I saw the twinkle back into your eyes------ it was a good day. Your Aunt Joanna came over and we were able to visit with her and have some cathartic laugher. “ A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” Proverbs 17:22
We all need our daily dose of mirth medicine. After all, if He is our Great Physician, then we need to do what the doctor prescribes. We live in a world that has many problems which we cannot always escape. I like to think of laugher as an oasis in the desert journey of life. We can drink in the medicinal effects of laugher at each oasis. Laughter---- is the most universal,inexpensive,legal and portable source of Joy!
Laugher won’t change the situation, but it can change you in the situation.
The one thing they keep stressing over and over at the Cancer Clinic is that you must keep a positive attitude.
With all the people that we have praying for you ---- how can we lose???
Love Mother

Rebecca said...

He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God, in whom I trust, Psalms 91:2
Even in the midst of the storm, He knows where you are. Years ago, you and I sang a song "In His hands there's only safety..." and oh how true I have found that to be.
You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I know that God will see you through.
Your cous

#1Fan said...

Hi Leah. You sound sooooo good, thank God! I pray for you constantly, that your journey will be over like my cousin's and soon you will be writing what cancer "was" like! One day at a time, one step at a time, tiny baby steps when you need to take them and giant ones when you feel really brave! I've been at the hospital with my Dad all day, he had shoulder surgery, so I am just about to crash in the bed. He had to be there at 5:00am and I just got home! I like checking in on you during the day! Love and peace to you this evening.

Anonymous said...

Leah, Your blogs have been such a blessing to me. I read the latest one to my Mom. They are really encouraging and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are indeed blessing us with the testimonies of prayers that God is answering in your life. Yes, we do have all Power in Jesus. I am so thankful that He is such a wonderful Friend!
Donna New

Anonymous said...

As always I am glad to hear that you have been able to get some comfort, and I know and pray that God always wraps his arms around you and comforts you as I know only he can. I love you very much. Vickie