Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lord, Just carry me through!

As I sit at my computer drinking Peppermint Tea to settle my stomach, after all, I look forward to going to church....I look down on my sheet of paper that mom had made out to keep track of my medicine and today's quote from mom is, "He will carry you through". I realize everyday she has written a quote for me.

This is my prayer today. I'm trying so hard to get my body to carry me through this morning so I can go to church. Each day is a challenge because each day you wake up feeling a little different. One day you may be nauseated, another day you may be weak and sore, so and so forth...depending on how bad this all makes you feel, determines whether I get out of my pjs or not. I keep getting up trying to do what I can to hasten the process of feeling better but so far, nothing has progressed. I determine a little sweet peppermint tea, time with the Lord, time with my friends on here...may go a long way in helping me this morning.

Dekota, my protective dog, who has followed me around everywhere the past couple of days, has been following me throughout the night...but he has grown tired and finally went over and just lay on the couch....looking at me, wagging his tail...and appears worn out from just following me around throughout the night. I understand how he feels, I just wish I could roll over, wag my tail and it all be okay. :-) I know it will be but it takes time and patience, which at times, I find difficult to give. I just want the show to get on the road. I don't want this to be my life...whatever purpose it serves, is what I want to do and then move on, "next?", I think in my mind.

Poor Steve, I know he notices how many times I'm up in the night, I don't know how the poor man gets any sleep but never complains....always making sure I'm comfortable. It is those people who in my life have been carrying me through. The prayers first and foremost, those who bring dinners, those who make comments and encouraging words, those who offer to help and my family members who are always right here at my beckon call to make sure I'm okay. I don't know how people go through life so involved in themselves that when something like this happens, they don't have anyone to turn to! I really believe I've done so well because of the prayers and the care of my family, church and friends! I keep hearing how much worse it is going to get...and for that, I feel a little apprehensive but then again, I heard it before I got started and God has carried me through! He has given me so much grace and mercy throughout this process so far that I'm just amazed! I just can't thank God enough or anyone reading this blog who sends up prayers toward heaven for us! If you only knew what I'm going through but through the hands of God, I'm making it because of YOU! Thank you Jesus and thank all of YOU!
Love again to all,


#1Fan said...

Good morning Leah. Dear Lord. It's me again, Vernie from Union City, Ga, giving thanks for this wonderful and inspiring woman, Leah. She is such an incredible believer, and right now she is in the need of your mercy thru this journey. Please lift her spirits, please grant her strength to endure while you carry her thru, as you already have done. Please allow her faith to not falter, please show her you are right there along with her family and friends. Please provide her some peace and rest, so that she can move on to the next phase of this process. God, you are our all, and to thee we give thanks, and this Sunday morning I ask in the name of Jesus that you provide Leah comfort so that she can continue. Thank you Jesus for all you do and thank you for sending me to this place. I am learning a new lesson in love. I ask now in your name Jesus, Amen.

Leah, I must leave for Church now. God Bless you and your family.

Donna said...

Leah, I trust that you enjoyed the ministry at church this morning. It amazes me that you press on to give your last bit of strength to be in the House of God. But then, that in itself is strengthening to us. He is our strength. It is when we are weak that we find that strength in Him. He is an awesome God. What a privilege it is to know Him the way we do.
We continue holding you up in prayer. I trust you will feel better as this day progresses.

Must catch a nap before 2nd service.
Donna New

Anonymous said...


We are still here with you. Keep holding on; your testimony is coming.

Continue to think on things that keep your mind off of feeling bad as this can trap you into feeling worse. I have seen this with my dad. He has felt bad for so long that at times it becomes his world. Continue to allow as many people as you can to be a part of your world. These people will keep your heart merry and your thoughts focused on cheerful things. When my dad can minister and visit with others, his whole demeanor is uplifted and, for a time, his pain is forgotten. I know it is hard when we feel bad to be around others, but try as it will keep you uplifted.

Remember you have Christmas cards to write (I expect mine early) and presents to wrap. If you get bored, you are welcome to wrap mine (just kidding).

Tell Steve we are praying comfort and strength for him as well. He is not forgotten. I know from my mother that it can be as hard for the spouse as for the one battling the sickness.

We love you all.

Christy and David

P.S. I did not visit with you this morning as I have a cold and was trying to keep my distance.