Saturday, September 6, 2008

This battle is the Lord's!

The cliche' or words we often hear are, "This battle is not mine, it is the Lord's" but yet we continue to fight. We continue to try to come up with the solution, find a new way of doing what we already did, say it a new way so in essence, we are still fighting the battle ourselves.

The Lord wants us to turn it over but I find it hard because I feel like I have to do my part first. However, God acts on our faith. He could have turned Moses' staff into a serpent in Moses' hand. God told Moses to cast down his staff and when Moses obeyed, God turned the staff into a serpent. He acted on Moses faith and then showed Moses what HE could do. He acts on our faith.

I'm trying really hard to cast all my cares on him, to live by faith and to be a willing vessel for him. At times the physical part of me sees the symptons and wants to act on my symptons to figure out what I can do. I think by virtue of the disease that there is no way I could ever do enough to make the situation okay. It is not a human possibility but rather a supernatural opportunity.

Today my faith wants to take a dip because I'm dealing with a sympton of the disease. However, my spirit is encouraging me to see this as a side product of the awesomeness of what God wants to do. My testimony is made richer by the actual walk rather than the outright healing. I pray that God would outright heal me so I wouldn't have to walk and grow weary on the journey.

God's way is not my way. I have prayed so many times, God your will; not mine and let me be a willing vessel. At times, you may see the light through my vessel where I became weak and I became chipped or cracked when held up to an intense situation but Lord let others see that light as a strength because in my weakness, you were made stronger, my vessel glistened and shone in YOUR light.

Don't let today be a focus on the sympton of this disease, let today's crack in the vessel become your light shining through the crack and filling me with your mercy and grace to make today another great day! Thank you Jesus for your wholesomeness, goodness and your kindness. Let only your thoughts of greatness and how this too shall pass today be the only thoughts in my mind.

On a very bright side, the past couple of days have been such wonderful days. I've been able to get around, clean up the house and go out of the house. I thank God for giving me the strength to get out and do things normally. This is what I pray for in the coming days and months, that things would be a normal as possible with very little downtime because of chemo. I believe God has put a hedge around me and it is through prayers of all those reading this, sharing the story and simply praying for me. Prayer is what is going to move my mountain and fight this battle! As always, love to all!


Anonymous said...

YAY glad you have had good days. That is definately great to hear on a blog :O) sounds like you have been very well taken care of. Don't you just LOVE family and friends????? Love and still praying for you. Cassie

Anonymous said...

Leah, Once again reading your blog is an awesome highlight of the day. What a beautiful way to start a day. Thanks so much for the light you are allowing to shine through as you are going through this situation that is so stressful at times. What a beautiful witness. I only wish everyone that is having similar situations could be touched by the beauty of the Spirit of God shining through you.
I am thankful for all the prayers that the Lord is answering in your behalf. Donna New

Anonymous said...

Leah, Your strength and courage that you have because of your faith and prayers and trusting the lord is wonderful. I know he is with you all the way and sometimes it does not seem like he is.He has been there for me through some pretty tough times, but I had to keep the faith and be patient and trust him. I thank him for being there and watching over you and comforting you. My prayers are with you each and everyday. Love Vickie