Thursday, September 25, 2008

After tomorrow, I will be 25% of the way done with chemo!!

Yesterday was another very long day at Emory...we left home at 7am ish and didn't leave Emory until 4:30 p.m.

We asked about all the pain that I was in Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they did a thorough check-up and couldn't determine anything. They said it was symptons of pleurisy but didn't hear any fluid around my lungs or heart so at this time, they aren't sure. I'm having the 2 MRIs on my spine next Friday. They hope this will help determine the pain in my lower back after surgery and the this new pain that keeps creeping up.

They lowered my dosage of steriods so I could sleep. I went for days without rest and during the day, I couldn't sit down because I was so keyed up. My steriods are a form of speed and for those who know me...caffeine is about the hardest stuff I've put into my body. ha. My body is not quite sure what I'm doing to it but I guess it is pay back....ha. Somehow we are one and the same so this war needs to cease immediately! ha.

The change in the medicine has seemed to help as I was able to sleep last night but have felt more sleepy today so I've been resting. I really don't look forward to the days I have to sit in my granny grump chair and sleep all day but if it makes me better....well okay...they do say....sleep is good for just maybe this was the purpose! ha. Gotta find humor in this madness...

The cancer survivor that called me last night to help me through the process was somewhat helpful except she said she didn't have most of the symptons I've had and the ones I do wasn't until the 5th month of her chemo and she wanted to quit. Her family made her keep going. I guess this is why they say chemo is much worse on a younger person vs. an older person. I'm not quite sure I felt better. :-( After all, only a month into this.....

Today has been a much brighter day. A little light-headed, cold sensitivity to anything cold...can't reach into the refrigerator and pick anything up, can't drink anything cold (feels like I'm drinking shattered glass)....everything has to be room temperature and then at times that isn't enough and even my drinks I'm been putting into the microwave, my jaws feel at times they are trying to lock up and I've started feeling some tingling in my fingers/toes but it has still been a great day. Just pain in my back and the other things I've mentioned....God is good!

I still cherish all the communication, although I can tell my strength at times is wavering so please bear with me...I can't always respond right away. For those who have sent phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.....more than likely I will not initate. However, should you wish to call, e-mail me, etc. please do. There is too much going on for me to keep up and many days this is all I get done....or attempt to get done. However, as I always say, I covet your prayers, thoughts, and care!
I'm so happy to have almost completed 25% of my treatments! I'm so happy to have another good day...not exceptional but still a great day.
Love to all,

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