Monday, September 22, 2008

It's getting about that time....

Well.....I sit tonight a little unmotivated knowing tomorrow is my last "free" day before I go back for another round of chemo.

This round really knocked the wind out of me!! Oh my, it caused side effects that were never explained or even brought up as possible issues. One is severe tissue/nerve pain..I didn't realize chemo caused pain...I thought it was the flu like symptons that came with chemo. I've had that in very small moderation compared to the other side effects. As I was explaining to my sister-in-law today, they typically don't talk about the least common side effects because only a small percentage of people have those....well, for whatever reason my body likes to be "special" and fall into the "most people don't have these and this is rare" category. Just like less than 3% of people under 50 ever get colon cancer! Well...little ole' special me...just has to fall into the less than 3% category. Why can't I just be standard/normal and be like 97% of the population? Can it really be that difficult to just be normal? ha.

I'm still in my pjs. I hurt everywhere but not like other days. I exercise even though I'm feeling bad. This helps me feel a little better. My sister and nephew come over so she can schedule my tests, deal with insurance companies, etc. She spends the day trying to set up the 2 MRIs I'm supposed to get and decided I should discuss having a PET scan since I will be having 2 separate MRI tests.....which will both take an hour long and the tests would be separate days and would require IVs so here I go again with getting stuck, driving an hour each way while feeling nauseated, and being in the test tube for approx. 45 min each....and then they think they will be asking me to come back for an ultrasound as a result of my mammogram so I feel like I'm still in a test oven.

The PET scan is for the whole body so I'm going to check with my doctor to see if the PET will cover my spine, the extreme pain I've been going through in my shoulder and side, and will take care of the ultrasound. One test sounds better than all the individual tests and will be easier on me having to travel. I don't travel very well. My body is not up for it most days.

We try to call someone who specializes in oncology massages to see if it will help with the pain. They are out until the 24th in educational training. Mom hears/sees a special on chemotherapy and how accupuncture really helps and doesn't hurt. I can't even fathom all those needles but I keep hearing you can't feel them...hard to believe but I would love to know anyone who has had accupuncture and how it feels. My company gave me American Express Cards and one of my customers, Wachovia sent me a gift certificate for massages. I'm definitely going to use them over the next 6 months. I don't even want to think about it getting worse but I'm reminded that the Lord promised he would protect I'm standing on his promise...and all the wonderful family and friends who hold me up in prayer everyday.
Love to all,

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#1Fan said...

Just wanted to say "good-night" to you Leah. I've heard good things about accupuncture for relieving pain, so keep the faith that there are methods available to help you manage that. Keep the faith lady, that one day you will be free of cancer and free of this pain, just like so many others. You can do it, and I will constantly pray for your strength to make it thru. As crazy as it sounds, I'm depending on you.
Love to you tonight! Vernie