Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today has been an iffy day but not so bad!

I got up this morning around 6 am., strapped my chemo bag over me and exercised. I became very sleepy and layed down and next thing I know my mom is calling me around 9 am. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep. So after I got off the phone with her I made some business phone calls, exercised again and then became very nauseous! It is crazy how your body responds.

I realized that I had not eaten so I ate left over chicken soup brought over the other night. I felt better after I had that and a lemon drop. I did not know until one of the nurses down at Emory told me that lemon drops are excellent when you have nausea. I thought mint would be better but she said that it might make me more nauseated and to try the lemon drops. They have really worked so for anyone with that issue, try might be surprised.

I realized last night that they did not leave my lines from my chest very long for sleeping. So, I only had one way to sleep. However, I went to bed really late so I was pretty tired and only got up once in the night. I think I will make it. My appt or should I say, suggested appt. at Emory is 11 am. so I only have one more night with my chemo. They changed some of the medicine I was taking and told me the opposite of what I should be doing from doctor to doctor so at times, it gets frustrating because you aren't sure who to listen to. I tend to listen to the one who has been with the patients through chemo vs. only telling them what to do. The nurse practictioner (spelling is wrong) worked with chemo patients as a nurse for 15 years before any additional studies. I tend to listen to her more than the actual doctor only because of her actual experience.

I had hoped to finish my Christmas cards but feeling a little sleepy again. I think my red blood cells being low is what is causing me to feel more tired this time. So, as I always say, do whatever you do to the best of your I think I will lay down and have the best snooze. Aren't you jealous???

Oh, I got some good news yesterday. My cousin from Indiana has become engaged and is getting married on my birthday (which I will be turning 40). She is having her wedding on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale. How exciting?? If we go, then I can celebrate with my family from Indiana too!! How fun will that be? Now I have to be worried about time away from work since I've been off so long. However, I have a wonderful boss who would understand so I'm sure I can work out a few days.

Anyhoo-Saturday always seems to be my worst day when this bag of chemo is please pray for a better time, even though they say it is supposed to be getting realllllly bad. Dekota, my dog wanted to sleep right upon my chest this morning and I had to move him so he doesn't get nauseated by the chemo again! ha. Silly dog....he wants to get as close as he can when he knows I'm sick but the poor little devil gets sick from the chemo. It makes me feel bad so I try to keep him away, which is impossible because then he sits and cries.

Well, think I will take my nap. As always, I pray for you and am thankful for those that pray for me. God's love has a way of reaching all of us no matter where we are. What comfort he gives us!
Love to all,


Indiana said...

The nap thing sounds like a good idea. I'm going to follow your advice and do my best to take a nape every day.
As for work, I don't know if you've noticed it or not but since you've been off work who ever took your place has realy got things messed up. I'm sure that Pres. Obama will be glad when you can go back to work and get thing straightened out.
Your spirit is like a ray of sunshine in this cold Indiana winter,(remember)keep it up.

Correction said...

Stop laughing, NAP is not a four letter word. you need spell check on your blog. Remember I grudgulated from public school. Old Portland High just like your dad.
Love you all

seb said...

I'm looking forward to you being down in FL for my big day. I'm only returning the favor since you got married, I think, the day after my birthday.
Love you & your in my prayers!