Monday, December 22, 2008

Pop-A-Lock spells Merry Christmas for Angela this week!

As many might have already seen, Pop-A-Lock responded to my blog with such graciousness that I was speechless. I was only referring to my experience of being out so long on Friday waiting for someone to open Angela's car, not to disrespect Pop-a-Lock's reputation. We have used them many times and have had a great experience. They are usually faster and better than getting a locksmith or anyone else.

The President of Pop-a-lock has e-mailed me several times and they are refunding Angela's money. We did not expect any of that or even ask for it, however they wanted to do it because of the wait time. I felt sorry for the poor guy with the fender bender. Anyway, the most encouraging part about the whole thing is that they are Christian based, open cars for free with children or pets inside and feel that this is a ministry to help other people. Isn't that wonderful? The President not only sent me an e-mail about the car situation but she also said that she would be praying for me and she knew that miracles still happen. It is very refreshing and makes you want to give anyone with that kind of attitude if you lock your keys in the car (which we hope doesn't happen), all you have to do is call, 1-800-POP-A-LOCK. Easy to remember. I can always remember their number, even with my chemo brain. Mom asked me how I knew the number because I just started dialing on Friday and I told her how easy it all you out there....if you happen to have a night like we did....just remember is very easy.

This brings me to the most important thought of the day and that is we should remember during this season and all seasons, not to lock God out of your heart. Only you can let him in and only you can lock him out. God has sustained me throughout this journey and I can't imagine anyone going through life without him. Through your prayers, I've had so much comfort even in the midst of my agony, God always comforts my heart and gives me peace. I do not fear any of this journey. I know it has slowed me down and that has been the worst of it besides the pain. I see so many things more clearly in life. The small things that people say or do, mean so much.

I've always had a hard time of receiving. I've always felt it was more blessed to give but God gives us seasons that we have to receive and that is the one thing I've learned through this....I didn't accept it very easy but God has given me acceptance through so many people to receive from others and allow others to help. It has been very difficult for me to do that but God has a way of tempering us to see the big picture. The most important thing for me right now is to get through this journey, get back to work and let God show me what and how I'm supposed to reach out to people to show my appreciation and to shine HIS light.

Some will say, I'm thinking positive thoughts for you. Believe ME, that is not enough. I think I would have quit the journey without the LORD.....and of course, without all the support of YOU!

I recently got an e-mail from someone with brain cancer. I felt so bad because at first this person was feeling anxiety and that the Lord did not love them. I prayed for them but I couldn't wrap my brain around the feelings they were having...of course, I also know with brain cancer that depending on where the tumor is that is could be causing pressure on emotions and can also cause some of those feelings. However, at the beginning of this journey when God spoke to me and referenced back to another time in my life and said, "I knew then what you know now and I protected you then and I'm protecting you now"......I've had so much peace. I can't explain it. God has been so good. I know if he protects me the way I've tried to protect my family that I'm going to be okay. God ways are not our ways but I know HIS protecting hand is sure and right. I just have to be pliable for his making me into what he wants me to be.

Thank you Jesus! We are so close to the day of Jesus' birth and all the family celebrations. I'm so thankful that my family all has the Lord and we can celebrate this day with HIM.

As always, thank you for listening and thank each of you for being such great friends that I can converse through this blog. Your blog comments are read everyday and are such a pick up for me. Those that I see and say encouraging words....I just hold onto those words and they just bless me.

I have 2 months of chemo before they start testing me to see if they cleared the kidney/lung spots, etc. so as I near the end, please pray that this journey does not get harder, as they say. I know the Lord is able to do all things so in HIM will I trust.

Thank you Jesus for your love to all mankind!
Love to all,


Indiana said...

I'm glad your able to get out and stimulate the economy. I know what you mean about people missing the point of Christmas. When I go to the mall I like to set and watch people. It's sad to see how unhappy they act in a season that is supposed to be a celebration.

When I read the story about Pop-A-Lock I had a sudden urge to run out and lock my keys in my truck.
Then I remembered that the wind chill is -30 degrees so I decided to stay inside and take your word for how good their service is.
I love to read your blog. I think you might have inherited the preacher gene.
Have a great Christmas

Kim Heine said...


Everyone from icy Indiana would like to wish you and all of our family in the south a Merry Christmas! I wish that we were still able to get together for all of the holidays like we did when we were young(they were so eventful), but even though we have many miles that separate us you all are still very close to our hearts.

I read your blog frequently to follow your progress. I enjoy reading your communication and others(including my dad's). You are such an inspiration to others.

We hope that we will all be able to get together for Sarah's wedding in March. Hope to see you there!

Please give everyone a Christmas hug for me. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you!

Linda Shanks said...

I pray that God will bless you the week that this will be the best Christmas you have ever had. I enjoy reading your blogs and I am so thankful to hear just how God has been giving you strength and comfort. We serve an awesome God and it is good to know that he is always there. Just the mention of his name. You are great example of a true Christian who has their complete trust in God. He is Faithful. I am waiting to hear of your complete healing and I pray that God will give you a pain free time and that you will be able to enjoy your family.
Love and prayers,