Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve and Love to all!

Well, it is with a full heart that I sit down today to express the wonderous love of God, family, friends and those that I've not met that have been there through this journey. You have given us hope beyond measure with your kindness, love and support so many times when you didn't even know we needed it.

Today is the eve before we celebrate Jesus' birth. I can only imagine the anxiety Mary and Joseph must have felt trying to find a place for Mary to give birth. As we scramble around trying to find the last gift, tie the last bow, bake the last pie or cake, let's not forget the celebration of Jesus' birthday. Without Jesus, there is no salvation. Without Jesus, there is no heaven. Without Jesus, there is no forgiveness of sin. Without Jesus, we are nothing.

With Jesus, we are everything. He is all Power, all seeing and knows our needs even before we ask. How many times have we sat by our children's bed when they've been so sick just wishing we knew what to do to make it all better? These are the simple things to God. He can reach down and erase a fever, cold or any type of illness we have. Such as mine....nothing is too hard for HIM. It is us who fear, have anxiety or question the wonders of God.

I feel so blessed today. If I didn't make it another day, I've been blessed more than I deserve! God has been so great to our family. I just can't thank him enough.

It makes me sad this time of year when so many don't have family or they have fragmented families who don't get together or get along. We always have so many family and friend invitations that we have to sort through what we can or cannot do. However, they are all Christian based get togethers and we always reflect on the real reason for the season by reading the birth of Jesus in the Bible.

Mom will always have dollar coins and ask questions of all the kids about the Christmas story. Last year it was so cute, my nephew who was 4 at the time answered my mom's question of "what was Jesus wrapped in?" He was very proud of himself as he threw up his hand and answered, "He was wapped in waddling clothes!" It was close enough to swaddling and gave us all a good laugh so this year, we'll find out if he's figurered out that it is swaddling. I think he knew last year but couldn't quite pronounce.

I really don't care if my time were up, I just feel so wonderfully blessed that I couldn't wish for another thing. I believe we should all feel like that. Live each day as if it were our last. Don't wait for someone else to talk to you, talk to them...don't wait for someone else to make your day pleasant, find the, joy in your day...don't wait until you are dying to reach out and find the Comforter, find him today. If all lived like this, there would be no regrets, we would love each other and find the best in each situation. We all long for these things but can't find the time to do them because we are so busy with our jobs, our families or other things that seem to make up our days...we become too tired to realize that time is ekkking past us and can't be made up.

I must say this is the reason I'm so grateful to so many through this journey, because you have taken the time to listen, to pray, to uplift with your blog comments, cards, calls, dinners, and encouraging words to the family. We are living by faith but we also live day to day through this and the smallest of deeds mean so much! I know I say this all the time but I think about it all the time because it is what gets me through. It is my comfort and joy! I truly have joy even though I feel that I'm facing a giant. I do not despair, I do not question, I do not fear, grow anxious or wonder why me? I just wonder what is in store for my life, my family.....where do I go from here?

So on this Christmas Eve, as we journey to my parents for Christmas, I pray that all feel comforted through a season that causes anxiety/discontentment for some and glee for others. There truly is comfort in the midst of your agony and sorrow. I know, I go through that everyday with the symptons of chemo. I may be in agony but my soul is comforted. You have to reach to the Comforter and find it. It says in the Bible, "seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened"......but you must take the first step. God is omnipresent, always seeing and always knowing what is in our hearts but just waiting for our hand to reach out to his and take hold. It was the best thing I ever did and I know it will be the best thing for you too!

Sorry, I just can't help but talking about God, HE has been so good to me and my family.

Have a safe and happy day! The happiest people don't have everything, they just make the best of what they have. So no matter what you have to share this holiday season, give it from the heart....there is no better gift!
Love to all,


Indiana said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Yes you are blessed. You have a good family, good name, good friends but greatest of all you serve a Good God. You may loose every thing you have but there isn't a power in the world that can destroy your relationship with Jesus. Nothing can take away your hope of eternal life. We know that he's real because he lives in our heart and has changed our life.
Live life to the fullest.
Love to all

Cheri said...

Merry Christmas, Leah! I hope and pray you have a wonderful, pain-free day with many to follow!

#1 Fan said...

Merry Christmas Leah, and hugs to each and every family member in your reach at this moment! We are having a wonderful day this Christmas, all the grands and in-laws and some out-laws too are here! Life is good and I too feel so blessed! We love each other in spite of the "stuff" and that is good! So I'm taking a minute from the kitchen, letting my mother-in-law do her masterpiece, and catching up on what you all are doing there. I love you and am so thankful for this blog. This has been a wonderful way to make new friends and share and pray. What an awesome God we serve! Take care, enjoy your family as I will mine, and continue to find your blessing in each day!


Anonymous said...

Leah, Steve and kids,

I love yall so much and hope you have had a very good Christmas day.
I look forward to seeing all of you real soon.
God Bless!!