Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, thank you Jesus....I've had better days!

Yesterday I was able to go to Angela's Christmas skating party. I was only able to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else...but hey, I was able to get out...and I was excited.

Mom came over to take "care" of me and I talked her into Christmas shopping. She has used her time taking care of me and didn't have anything done. She was so worried about me but as soon as my legs are able to stand on their own....I want out of my hole! ha. Besides that, moving around when I'm able is actually better for you....even though you have to do it in doses.

We were able to go to the mall and she was able to find quite a bit of Christmas. There are so many sales, it is kinda sad because you wonder how many stores are going to make it into the New Year.

Well....we only had one more stop before going home. Kimberly was working and Angela was at the mall shopping. We went across the street to Ross (only to get some frames). Kimberly got off work at the same time and Angela decided to meet us. We told them to meet up with us and we would stop by somewhere real fast to eat before we went home. They made it to Ross, mom was able to get what she needed and we were on our way home.....or so we thought.

Angela had not only locked her keys in the car but they were in the ignition and her radio was still playing. We still do not know how this happened but it did. We called the police and they eventually came but couldn't get the door opened. We had to call Pop-a-lock. They were supposed to be there in 50 minutes. We had already waited 30 but it was our only option so we told the dispatcher we were going to run to a fast food place but to have the driver call us before he got to the car. It was an hour Pop-a-lock. We called to check.....the driver had gotten into a fender bender in Atlanta so we would have to wait but it should only be another 25 minutes. We continued to make a long story short or maybe longer....we ended up waiting 3 hrs. for someone. We called local locksmiths who referred us to each other because they were 2-3 hrs. into other calls before they could make it.

The driver said that the reason it took so long for him to get to us is not only did they have a fender bender but they also had a drug bust at the same time.......

The sad or really funny part is that we were so relieved to finally get home and mom who had been driving my car thought she locked her own keys into the trunk. She had one key locked inside the car and one key in the trunk. She was so upset. She sent Angela back out to check to see if possibly she might have left the doors unlocked and sure enough, one of them was open!! Thank the made for an interesting day. This was Angela's second time doing this so we made her pay it herself. $69.95 is alot of money to a teenager who only works about 10 hrs. a week....but no lesson. :-(

Today, Steve and I went to Brandsmart. It was the first time I had ever been in there. It is very busy but a neat place to find this and that....and that is what we found....this and that but nothing exciting. It was the only store we went was so busy out and people are just rude this time of year. They walk past you and run into you and don't say, "excuse me" or anything....we had that happen to us several sad that people are in such a hurry that they miss out on all the real fun! We just figured it wasn't meant for us to be in such places today.

Well.....going to take a break. Please be careful out...for those in winter wonderlands full of snow...enjoy....I wish we had some right now. It would keep all the crazy people off the roads and keep them bundled inside with their families. Tis the season to be jolly...and my family is what makes me jolly. I miss those that are to far to spend the holiday with physically but mentally they are here with us! Keep up the prayers.....we all could use a little of Jesus this season.

Love to all,


Rob said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you had a problem with your keys and even more so that it took so long to get out to that call. Our national average is about 28 minutes to arrive, so this was a very unusual situation.

I've been working for Pop-A-Lock in one form or another for 10 years this year and I can tell you...there is nothing like the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are pulling up super late like you described.

I know it is probably not much, but I want you to know that is not how we try to do things and it is not a systemic problem.

I am going to forward your blog to Ms. Dungy, she recently took over the Atlanta franchise and she is very action oriented. She is just the type to take a situation like your very seriously. It may or may not be a problem, from what I read about the call there was some really crazy stuff going on but she should know whats going on.

Again, I'm sorry you got into such a bad situation but I'm glad we were able to at least get you going!!!!

Rob Reynolds Cpl,Cps
Director of Operations (and Chief Blog Reader)
Pop-A-Lock corporate HQ, Lafayette, La

Tina Dungy said...

My name is Tina Dungy and I am the owner of Pop-A-Lock Atlanta. I'd like to start off saying that I am very sorry that you had such a tough day the other day and that our being late to assist you didn't help the situation. I truly apologize for that.

The technician who eventually came out to help you is also my Field Manager and one of the kindest people I know - his name is Ken Chatham and Ken believes it is his mission to help people and be a blessing to those he comes in contact with.

Ken was on his way to assist you when an elderly lady pulled out in front of him and he hit her. Immediately following the accident, a group of men surrounded his car and started yelling at him. His main concern was making sure the lady was okay, which she was - thank God! I won't go into the rest of the accident story, but Ken called me while they were waiting for the police. My first two questions were - 1) is everyone okay? 2) how quickly can we get to our customer? We had two techs on at that time and unfortunately the other tech was across town taking care of other customers.

As the owner of Pop-A-Lock Atlanta, I can assure you that our mission is to be a blessing to the Atlanta community by providing them with outstanding customer service every time. We are the only company in the Atlanta area that unlocks cars for FREE when a child or pet is locked inside. There are a number of companies out there that quote one price on the phone to do a car door unlocking and when they get there they charge a higher price - WE NEVER DO THAT! There are even companies out there that use a name very similar to our name and do unethical things. At Pop-A-Lock Atlanta we REALLY care about helping people - not just making a quick buck.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I'm sorry we were so late. Because this was 100% our fault, I am going to personally refund your service charge. We have all of your information and I will do that today.

I know a refund doesn't totally make up for the situation, but I hope you give us another opportunity if the situation arises to assist you in the future. I have a great group of technicians who are honest and hard working and they all LOVE what they do.

Many blessings to you and your family over the holiday season,

Tina Dungy, President Pop-A-Lock Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Leah, I am so overwhelmed from reading the blogs today. The people at Pop-A-Lock are one in a million and I will certainly keep their name in my wallet just in case! For them to respond to you as they have in this blog makes me feel better today about people. I too have been out shopping this Christmas and seems people for the most part are just in a hurry and tired and stressed, so in reality they are missing Christmas! It's not about the "stuff", it's about being in the mix of family and friends and giving honor to Christ who makes it all possible. I feel so blessed to have all the people in my life this year who were here last year! So many people came up a little short this year, and sadness is all around us. When I read about mothers and fathers that are burying their kids because of car crashes, disease, drugs, you name it, I feel like singing because we are all well. There are reasons to smile. I am so honored to have met you via this forum, you show us how to find our blessing in the mist of it all. Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for everything. The kids love their gifts. Alexa has been walking around the house completely wrapped in her blanket from her head to her ankles; I have been hearing the steady banging of darts drifting from the kids' rooms, so Spencer is enjoying his gift as well. Thank you for thinking of us when you have so much else to be thinking of right now.

Have a Very Merry Christmas,