Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a beautiful day!

Yesterday was such a wonderful sermon! It was about how we might go into Egypt but God already has a plan to get us out!! We have to learn to lean on HIM and have faith that what he says he is going to do...that he does!! It was so encouraging but of course....the sermons are always encouraging or self-seeking (this is meant for the congregation to seek within themselves to align with the WORD, it was not to mean that the Pastor is self-seeking). I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my Pastor. :-)

Today is beautiful and sunny. Oh, I cannot wait until the New Year with chemo behind me so I can again enjoy the normalcy of life. My chemo treatments are not officially over until February, if my body is able to handle it. They already gave me a week off to get my counts up so I'm hoping they stay up and I can handle the rest of them without delay. More delay....just means more time I have to be off work and out of a normal routine.

My routine now is getting a bath, changing my pjs and laying or sitting in my chair or on the couch....oh, how boring is that? ha. However, I'm glad to be able to do that some days so I won't complain. :-)

The holidays have been such a joyous time. I always enjoy them but I've enjoyed them a little more this year since I've been home and have been able to enjoy my decorations. The kids already dread the taking down of the decorations. In fact, Angela suggested we leave them up. How white trash is that? ha.

I have two more days until my next chemo treatment. It makes me wonder with having off an extra week how my body will respond. I pray the extra time helps.

Steve has had a very sharp pain in his shoulder. He was in so much pain....I shared my pain meds with him to get relief. As he lay in bed, I reached over to help him and just by pushing a little on his arm, he was in pain. I told him that is exactly how I've felt with my back for 6 months since I've gotten this herniated disc from the surgery. It is always so painful but what do you do? My spine specialist told me that it would just get worse with chemo. Oh thank you for the encouraging words. ha. You realize until God heals you, that you have to adjust to always having pain. I never had any pain before but is a constant part of my life. I felt really bad that Steve was hurting so bad since he has to go to work.

I stayed in all day Friday and Saturday and slept alot. Now I want to go and see if there are really any bargains out there since it is so beautiful and I know in another day, I'll be laying on the couch. Steve went into work, although technically he is off and is on his way home. I hope I can talk him into going.

I really hate having to wear a hat everywhere you go. I usually wear them at home also because what little I have left looks like Beetlejuice Steve said and I'm always cold. By the way, the Beetlejuice statement had us all laughing so hard!! I have very little hair compared to him but it sticks straight out the sides of my head. It is pretty funny. The only good part is that I can get dressed as quickly as a man because all I have to do is pull the strays up into my hat and pronto...ready to go!! My pastor said with all the hats that I'm accumulating that I may start a new fashion around the church. My first thought is, how horrible I look in them so I doubt anyone would want to emulate my new fashionable style.

My pastor and wife are always so wonderful when I attend church. They make sure to come and speak everytime I'm there. For those in smaller churches, this might not mean much but our service in the morning is packed out and we run 600-700 people. It is alot of effort to get past that many people to speak to someone because someone is always stopping you. My church family has been awesome with bringing dinners and prayers, my work family bringing all the paper goods along with money for my trips to the hospital and family and friends sending cards, flowers, letter, blog comments, words of encouragement and most of prayer.

It makes a beautiful day more beautiful and feels me with that much more gratitude!! It is the season to be jolly but I want to be jolly everyday without the Santa belly. ha. No, honestly...if we all went out of our way to laugh, share a kind word and do a small deed for someone else, just think about how wonderful our world would really be? "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you". If we all made this conscious effort, it makes me wonder if we would have the crime and so much discontent/

Many times, my mom and I have talked about people who are invisible to others. Someone who irrates you for some reason or another so you just avoid them. They may act a little strange or talk too much or not talk at all so we tend to bypass them to talk to those who are in our comfort zone or our circle of friends. These people feel rejected and alone. Many people who do the most heinous crimes will point back to how they were left alone or not shown any love or nuturing so they take it out on someone else. It is a very sad society. People looking for answers, joy and peace. They will not find it in material things but peace is something inside that happens when you continue to make right choices. It brings you peace and through the peace and calm, you begin to feel joy about your life. It is truly JOY unspeakable when you live right, do right and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I find so much peace and calm through my storm. Even in my agony, I have comfort.

God's love has shone through all of YOU in this journey. For that, I could never thank you but I hope what you receive from me is the reassurance that Christ is always in control! HE sees our needs before we ask and is always willing and able to do above what we even ask. HE wants our path to be HIS path and way to salvation and then to eternal peace, joy and hope someday. I pray that through this journey that my life means something to someone and that HIS life shines through me. I am not perfect but I strive to live like I should and to share his grace and mercy with others. This is my prayer each day. I hope you find it to be true.

May your day be filled with hope, peace and joy and given all the grace and mercy to endure this journey to the end.

May God bless all of YOU!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Leah. I'm still off from work, not going back until January 7th! JOY! JOY! JOY!!! I'm not doing much, having a wood floor taken up and carpet put down. It's a mess so while my husband and son work on taking the wood up, I leave because the noise gives me a headache. So today my daughter and I along with the two granddaughters, went for a "girls-day-out"! We went to breakfast, then shopping, then lunch, then a movie! We had fun and promised to do this more often.

It is surely a beautiful day! God is good! Sending prayers your way, for you and Steve!!!

Love ya,

Indiana said...

I read your critic of the sermon yesterday and was wondering what you meant by some sermons were self-seeking? Did you mean self aggrandizing? I'm shocked that you would think that any preacher would try to promote himself.
I had a late breakfast today and Luis filled the baptistry, just thought you might want to know.
See you soon
Love you all

Indiana said...

I noticed that you revised your blog. Sorry that my feeble attempt at humor sounded like it did. my comments were not directed at anyone, but at preachers in general. Remember i R won. When I read your blog I interpreted it as a compliment. The message was encouraging and not self-seeking. Maybe a better word would have been soul-seeking or soul-stirring.
Preachers laugh harder at preacher jokes than anyone else, because we get it. Sometimes it's more truth than a joke.
This may surprise you but some preachers like the sound of their own voice and some televangelist are self-seeking.:<(
If you are reading this please realize that it is not my intention to judge or criticize anyone. Sometimes things need to be lightened up.:>)
I'm shocked that you would think otherwise.:>)
God bless
Pray for you always

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah. Glad you are doing well and enjoying the holidays. I've been down on the couch like you with what was diagnosed today at the emergency room as bronchitis. Add that to my lupus and I'm down for the count. I have coughed so much I think I've pulled every muscle in my upper body. It is so very frustrating to see so much around you that needs to be done and you just can't get up and do it. Having my 6 dogs with me helps the boredom and they love me like yours loves you. Aren't animals great?

I still think about you every day even when I don't blog. Just know that I'm still here and praying for you every day. We all are.

I hope Steve's arm gets better. I wonder what's causing that - sympathy pains maybe? None of us are getting any younger. We all get to have some pain - there's plenty to go around (smile).

Hope you have a Very Happy New Year!