Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I hate to blog and say the same thing again!

This time has really taken my energy. I know I keep saying that but I keep thinking it will soon go away. I'll be walking and just lose my energy and I start to fall over. I'm a little too young to be toppling over at whim. ha.

I keep praying that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Although I'm so thankful for everyday the good Lord gives me, some days are just better than others.

I was in alot of pain tonight and finally had to take Vicodein again. I try not to take pain meds but sometimes I just can't take it anymore.

I'm so thankful for those of you that keep up with our journey. Your words and blog comments keep me motivated during the day.

I'm not going to say much more than how much I enjoy this season but I'm already looking toward the spring. I was thinking tonight about the plans I already have for next year. I just cannot wait until life gets back to "normal". I have so many people to thank that I'll probably be going to place after place for a year just thanking all of you who have been so gracious, kind and loving to our family. How I can't wait until that day.....the Lord has been so wonderful, only he really knows what we go through. I'm so thankful for his grace and mercy.

My finger tips are very sore, which make it hard to type so I'll leave with the only words I know, thank you for your prayers, love and support! I can't imagine this road without all of YOU!!

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

As long as this journey probably seems to you, much of it is over. You only have 4 more treatments. We are praying that each treatment will go smoothly and not as the doctors have ordered. Make big plans for next year because you will be running before you know it.

Enjoy the season, and I hope to see you soon.


Indiana said...

Just wait until you get old and people start telling you,"that's the third time you told that same story". I guess we do that because we think your not listening.
It looks like we'll have a white Christmas in Indiana. Do you miss it? We are praying that this will be your greatest Christmas. Remember the greatest gift we could ever receive is our salvation. You already have that. The second greatest gift is your healing and I'm praying that you receive that. Everything else is just stuff.
Love you all

Christi said...

I just want you to know that your faithfulness and the sweet spirit you have is an inspiration. You are are a beautiful person and through your writings and attitude, you have taught me a multitude of lessons. God is in you & you are a true servant to Him. Thank you! Merry Christmas:)
Psalm 118:17

Donna said...

I want to thank you for the encouragements that you give us as we press on with the day to day duties. It is a highlight of my day to check in to see if there is an update. We pray for the strength & healing that you need from day to day. Trusting God to take you through each day with less pain & side effects regardless of what they say is supposed to be. In Jesus Name.