Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm just so tired....not a time to be so lazy! ha.

I don't know why I've been so tired today. I finally talked Kimberly into getting up and going out for about an hour. I was so weak, I almost toppled over several times so I decided I must be pushing it too much. I guess I try to do that so I'm not always sitting around....although I know I may not be able to do it...I push myself anyway.

We finally came home after an hour or so. Steve talked me into laying down for a few minutes and I think I fell asleep for a couple of hours. I'm not sure.

I just hope to have more energy for Christmas. I have alot more shopping and wrapping to do but no energy. Kimberly, who helps me alot, told me today that she has to work this week so I will be by myself. Not sure how much I can get done but somehow, I will make it.

My office called today and said they had a ham they wanted to give us. It sounded so good. We have to try to get to the office to get it. However, now that Kimberly is working, I'll have to have help. I've had so many volunteer, I just hate to ask anyone.

Well....again, I feel very tired so I'm going to bathe, drink some tea and lay around. I hate feeling so lazy but these treatments just take it out of you.

As always,
Love to all,

P.S. I added a couple of new pictures.


Sharon King said...

Good morning Leah!

I hope today is providing more energy for you. I think sometimes when we are on our last leg of anything, it seems to drag out and be so much worse anyway. Even without the effects of the chemo getting worse, it would be a long tunnel for you to go down. I continue to pray for you that when you wake in the morning that God will lift you up and give you some strength and joy to get you through another day. If I'm correct, this week is your off chemo week and I hope that is the case so you can gain some strength to enjoy your Christmas. I know just spending some time with you, it means so much. I would encourage you to take those times when you don't feel like getting up and going and doing that you just take that time to spend with Jesus. As you know, the world has enough to keep us distracted, so take comfort in this time with Him. Please let me know if someone was able to get the ham for you as someone will make arrangements to get it. God bless!


MOTHER said...

I wish Mommy could kiss all the pain and sickness away.
I pray for the day that we can look back on this journey and say,
I love you and pray for you every day..
love you bunches.

Indiana said...

Now you know how us old people feel. Our little secret is when people are around we go 90 miles an hour but then we sneak off and take a little nap.
You've worked hard all your life so you deserve a little time to rest.
Mark your calander, June 5th is the date we set for our Church in a day date. plan to come and sing in our first service.
The hat looks cute.
Have a Merry Christmas

lane said...

Hang in there Leah,you can do it.
I think about you alot and pray for you all the time. May God bless and be with you always.
Merry Christmas !!
Lane (your mom is my boss, I just love her so much)