Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Went to the spine specialist...

Still do not feel up to blogging but for those that know....I went to the spine specialist today about the extreme pain in my back that I've had 3 weeks out of surgery.

They said I had a herniated disc and that chemo was making it worse. It would get worse before it would get better. Apparently the surgery brought out the pain in the herniated disc....oh joy....I've gone from no pain to pain in everything, it seems at times! :-)

The doctor gave me a prescription, set me up for an epidural and physical therapy. I don't think I have enough good days to do the physical therapy with the chemo right now.

I will have the spinal epidural next week, the day before chemo. I hope it helps. I'm over all the pain.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! He confirmed again that there is no spread of cancer to my spine....so that is the good news in my day! Praying that tomorrow is a better day.

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Linda said...

You are truly a great example of a true child of God who has put your complete trust in him. I am so thankful for the good news you have received and I am praying for God to give you the best day you have ever had today. I pray for complete rest and a painfree day. Our God can do just that for you and he enjoys doing for his children. You are in my prayers daily and I am expecting any day to hear of your complete healing. Our God is an AWESOME God.
Linda Shanks