Sunday, October 5, 2008

God always answers when we need him most!

I'm facing the 4th chemo treatment this week. No matter if I'm having a good day or not, it always starts chipping away at me mentally. I'm determined to maintain a healthy attitude through this journey because I know my physical state will follow....and I'm a child of the King so in HIM do I trust!

I would consider today to be a good day. I still do not venture very far but going to church is my first priority if I even remotely think I can make it.

As I was praying I asked the Lord for strength and just a word from HIM. Give me more strength this week and the next week through this treatment. It is hard to describe the feelings....because I'm not always sure about them myself. As I finished my prayer for strength and a was almost at that instant that My awesome Pastor, Bro. Johns came to me and said he wanted to pray for me. I don't know all of his prayer but the only word I heard was "strength"......I just prayed and said, "thank you Lord, you never fail me" wasn't but a few minutes later that a dear older saint came straight up to me and I knew it was she who had the word that I was looking for. God did not fail me. As she spoke the words that she felt came from the Lord to share with me, I couldn't help but cry. The Lord is so awesome that he meets even our smallest needs. As we continued to talk, my nose started to bleed. Another silly sympton from the chemo. It was almost like as I was strengthened through the Word, my body wanted to remind me of what it was capable of doing to me.

I explained to her that on the days that I'm physically struggling and mentally I feel drained....I have just said outright, "devil you might take my body but you can't take away my spirit".

God has been so merciful. My 3rd treatment was better than my 2nd. I pray that my 4th treatment is even better than my 3rd. It would be an awesome answer to prayer.

Chemo drugs are very undecided chemicals. Each treatment as it rids my body of bad cells, it turns on me in different ways. As the wonderful person who approached me today said, "God already suffered and died on the cross for your suffering, you don't have to overcome this, God already did it for you." This may not make sense to those who don't believe but for me it was so encouraging because I know that I'm not doing this alone.

So many prayers and so much love has been raised to heaven for me that in inself is a Victory for me! I'm so thankful and blessed. Long before this ever came along....I always said, "Lord if you never did another thing for me, I have been blessed more than I ever deserved" and I still mean it and believe it. This journey has proven to me how God listens, hears and responds to our prayers! I can't imagine a life without HIM!!

As I'm speaking about prayer, please say a prayer for my sister-in-law, Angie. She just found out she has a heart blockage. They want to do a heart cath knowing she may only need a stent or may need open heart surgery. God is able to intervene like HE always does and only require something minor vs. something major because God is awesome like that. She has been having problems with her heart this weekend. Please pray that God will reach down and touch her today!

Since I've been sick, I've craved her homemade potato salad. Weird, I know but I told her that I was sorry about her being sick but I just couldn't make it better by returning the favor of the homemade potato salad. I've never made it before! ha. I can pray for her which I know is more important. It still gave us a good laugh because you always want to return the favor when other people are in need.

As to all for your prayers and encouragement! God is awesome today, tomorrow and forever!

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Donna said...

Oh, yes, Our precious Lord does always answer when we need Him most!!! What a wonderful Friend & Provider that He is!

I trust that you have a great week this week & I really mean that. I had such an awesome talk with the Lord as I was on my way to work this morning! It really did make my day. I felt good all day, thanks to His presence covering my & washing me through & through this morning. He is a Wonderful Savior!

Continuing to pray for you.

Donna New