Thursday, October 30, 2008

No matter how sick...I cast my vote!!

So today was an okay day. I didn't feel awesome but I certainly wasn't feeling my worst. I went to bed with plans in my head of voting. I had heard about the lines but knew if I waited until next week, I likely would not be able to vote.

My schedule so far next week:
Tuesday-Go to Emory Spine Center to get my spine epidural
Wednesday-Go to Emory Winship all day for chemo (oh joy...already)
Thursday-Still hooked up to chemo
Friday-Hooked up to chemo for part of the day and then back to Emory to have my chemo bag removed.
Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday-Usually my really bad days after chemo :-(
So....the week is full of exciting appointments. How I long for the day that I go week after week without an appointment at the hospital. It will happen, I know!!!

The line at the library where Kimberly and I went to vote didn't seem to long. After all, we went at approx. 10 am in the morning so not that many people would be off work to vote, right? Well, wrong. Everyone had the same idea as we did. I thought it would move quickly because by the time people get in line, they have educated themselves on the ballot and it is only a matter of process right? Wrong again. It was unbelievable standing in line listening to people talk about voting.

The lady in front of me looked to be at least in her 60s. She told me she had never voted in her life. What????? You've got to be kidding me. Who would lose their vote? Our freedoms in this country are sadly under appreciated. I asked what brought her out to vote. She said that she had just gotten so aggravated with everything going on that she finally decided to cast her vote.

One of the ladies mentioned that a news channel had broadcast a woman who had stood and waited hours to vote but then got to the booth and still couldn't decide so she turned her ballot back in blank. What???? Exciting stuff out there people.

I repeated several times to the others that were standing around me talking that we should vote with our morals because most everything that has been promised....will not happen. The President really only has veto power. You are better to be concerned with who is in the Senate creating laws. I was amazed that when we went into the library that there were those who did not actually know what was going to be on the ballot. Please if you go....go online and read the referendums. They can be confusing and many were asking what they even meant. This accounted for the longer times. Everyone was asking each other if they knew what they meant. I was thinking to myself...what is worse, no vote or an uneducated/just guess vote??? Oh my....Lord you must take the wheel of the authority of those in office and please give us your knowledge to make the right decisions. We stood for 2 hrs.

I should have eaten something before I went with my medicine. I have to think like a little child. Make sure I take my medicine, make sure there is a bathroom near by in case I get sick, make sure I don't have to walk far, make sure I'm covered since I'm sensitive to cold.....blah, blah, know how frustrating that is??? A 39 yr. old baby. Makes me laugh to really think about it. ha. Mom said I should have walked in with one of my masks and I probably could have cleared that place out pretty quickly!! No wait time for us, yeah. I was trying to be big about it and not ask for anything I stood like everyone else.

So......I was able to cast my vote!!! It was the bright spot of my day. I was able to do what I wanted to do.

Now tomorrow, I have to go with Angela to a 1/2 day cardiologist appointment. Bad for her but I'm so glad it is not an appointment for me. She has asthma and has been having a lot of problems with dizziness. Her doctor is sending her to be cautious. I just pray tomorrow is another day that I can get around. You never know with this has a mind of its own and you are playing by its rules. I'm just glad I have options. So many don't or didn't and I've been many things to say thank you for that I don't want to complain.

I pray everyone reading this has a great day. After all, life is to short to sweat the small things....and I've learned the things I used to worry about....they are really just small in the big scheme of life.

Love to all,
Good Night!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to vote. I pray that God gives you strength to hold on to faith untill He heales you.

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you the special one! You go and stand in line like the other hundreds of voters when you could have gone ahead of them! I like that girl, you got what I call "spunk"! I went ahead of the others because I had my Dad and he is not able to stand, so since I'm his "caretaker", that meant we both moved to the front of the class, and believe me, I did! I pray about this election, and ask God to be with whoever ends up in charge of this mess we got here. I ask God also to give people knowledge and bless them with morals. Our country is in a crisis because our families are, and until we start to educate our children and teach them morals and how to love God, we will forever find the world in a mess! In other words, the president can't fix all our problems! Now that I've made my speech for the night, I think I'll go to bed! Last thing for me tonight is to thank God for watching over you, me, and all of his children! Love ya Leah! Vernie (your #1 Fan)