Friday, October 10, 2008

Biopsy next Friday! Oh joy!

I just got in from Emory where they did another mammogram and an ultrasound. Two of the lumps they are going to monitor and the 3rd one they were unable to provide 100% satisfaction that the lump was totally benign. So, next Friday they are going to do a biopsy just to make certain that everything is okay. They consider it to be low-risk but with everything else going on in my body, they said they didn't want to take any chances.

I had my "bosom buddy" unhooked today. So, I'm officially free from carrying around my bag of chemo.

Wednesday when I was getting my chemo, Steve noticed all over the walls and elevators signs of a bake sale today. He said we were lucky because we got to go back today when this "big bake sale" was supposed to happen to support cancer research. We were in the breast center all morning but made sure we stopped by so we could bring home some goodies for Steve.

Well...this wonderful "bake sale" that Steve just couldn't stop talking about was quite the disappointment. I thought I was getting some type of oatmeal cookie but I think I got the organic bran muffin, as earlier discussed....Sorry Steve but I think your time on earth has been extended once you eat this awesome (super yukky) oatmeal cookie/bran muffin/something undescribable. It all goes for a good cause but it makes me wonder who would eat such a thing....oh my, I'm still not sure what it was and to be honest, I think it looked like the best thing on the table. Mom and I chalked it up to a great contribution and a nice chuckle after a hectic morning going from room to room, test to test and then to know we have to return for yet again....another outpatient surgery.

Some things in life are just meant to put a smile on your face and today that awesome, "bake sale" was the funny highlight of the day.

That's all I can muster today folks. I'm tired so I think I will take a siesta!
Love to all for your prayers!

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Donna said...

I could not wait until I got home so I could post a comment on the last two blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed the good laughs that made for one of the highlights of my day. We will trust that the outpatient surgery will be another benign! God has proven Himself again & again to be faithful!

Another of the highlights was another open door at work for the Lord to work again. The guy that I had prayed for the other day was back for part of the day today. He was still feeling rough so since we had another slow day & there were enough to handle it, he came to tell us he was leaving early. I was standing in the door of Paul's office when Robert came to tell us he was leaving. He turned to me and asked if I wanted to lay my hand on his shoulder again before he left. He said I felt better the other day after you did that. I would not waste any time taking advantage of this open door as we are standing in Paul's office doorway. I told Paul we were going to have a little prayer meeting. I thanked the Lord for touching Robert's body as I had prayed for him. I asked Him to continue touching him thru the weekend & give him good rest & let him come in Monday feeling good. Once again I got the Holy Ghost Goose Bumps after I prayed.

Later another coworker, Rick was coming thru my office & I asked him if he had heard Robert ask me to pray for him. He said no. He continued to talk on a little & I felt this could be a time to ask if he had ever spoken in tongues. He told me no & began to talk about the gift of tongues. I briefly explained the initial evidence of speaking in tongues when the spirit of Lord comes into your soul. I also briefly told him about the gift of tongues so he would know there was a difference.

WOW! Sure made my day!

I hope you have a great restful weekend & an even more strengthening in your body as the Lord continues working in your behalf.

We love you,
Donna New