Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have good news to bring and that is why I sing....

I received good news yesterday from the breast center!! The breast masses are not cancer....yeah! So, now my tests have resolved the fact that cancer has not spread to my spine and/or my chest. So, all these tests are truly good for something!!!

Yesterday, I went for my 5th chemo treatment! Mentally I always have to gear up for each treatment. I think that is the worst of this journey. Knowing what is supposed to make you better, initially makes you worse! However, I always have Steve along. He has a way of comforting me. He likes to tell me that we have just a couple more weeks knowing this isn't over until February or later next year. Oh well....he really helps me get through the day.

On Fridays, mom takes me back to Emory to get my chemo pack removed. This takes about 1/2 vs. a whole day on my initial day of treatment.

Today my girls' are leaving on a Church youth trip. I'm really excited for them to go and have fun and not have to watch their mom lay on the couch. They are headed to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and will be back Sunday.

Not much more to say other than neuropathy has started in my fingers and toes. So, I feel like I have pins/needles everytime I touch something or walk. It is very painful. I wonder if it will go away or this is something to stay. Oh joy! I'm not quite half way through my treatments so I do pray it goes away.

Well, off to my couch.

Love to all,


Donna said...

We are so thankful for the good news you received concerning the tests they did. I know that in itself is encouraging. Still praying for your strength & healing. Love,
Donna New

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news. I knew God was in control and would see you thru it. And I know he's going to be there with you thru it all.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Awesome news on those test results! Praise God!

David Munford

Anonymous said...

Even though it's cold and rainy outside Leah, I feel like the sun is shining after reading your blog! I just got back home from Washington, DC, and have been keeping up with your blogs while I worked up there. My time there is up, so good to be home, and to come home and read what you wrote today made me get over my jet-lag real quick! I am so thankful today for so many things, and you are one of them!