Monday, October 13, 2008

How can I ever say thank you enough?

I just want to again say thank you to everyone for all your blog comments, cards, thoughts, food, care, concern and most of all prayers! I know the steriods keep me from losing weight but I know that the variety of food that everyone sends over helps me to maintain an appetite. This all helps with my stamina each time I go for chemo. Each time I go to the hospital, I look around and am reminded how much worse I could have it.

I cannot respond to everyone but believe me, I pay attention to every comment, every word and every deed anyone does. Even though I don't feel like getting off the couch many days, the words and the thought of having so much support makes each day a little brighter.

I'm so overwhelmed by those who have blogged that I've not seen or talked to in years. I'm equally grateful for those who I would see everyday that would think enough of my family to show your constant love and care.

I am constantly thinking of how I'm going to repay everyone....I just don't know....words just aren't adequate....the best I can do is pray that God blesses everyone the same way you have blessed us and more. I know I say this alot but I guess it is the at the top of my list of things on my mind. I just could never imagine this much love. I know for all of you listening that God is awesome, he is never ending in his love for us and I thank him so much for all of YOU! You exemplify his grace every day through your actions.

Please continue to pray for my back. Thank the Lord they determined there is no spread of cancer to my back but the continual pain sometimes is more than I can take at times. I take narcotics around the clock just to deal with the pain but this is not the way I choose to live the rest of my life. I had to cancel my spine specialist appt. today because I was up sick through the night but plan to reschedule. Please pray that the pain will totally go away or that they would find the reason for the pain. Right now I have "hot feet" feet feel like I've been on hot coals so it is hard to walk. It was on the top of my feet and now it is at the bottom but each day gets a little better. I still thank God because I know his grace and mercy is getting me through. :-)

Thank you Jesus for your blessings and please bless those reading this more than they ever thought imaginable!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Your way of repaying everyone is to keep blogging the way you do. Your words and great and encouraging. YES I will say a special prayer today for your back and pain.....God CAN and WILL. You keep accepting peoples help and just get better. That is all you need to do. :O) Love ya Cassie

Anonymous said...

You are so loved young lady! I was on the airplane again this morning, on my way back up here to DC, calling your name once again as we moved among the clouds. I gave thanks for you as you have touched people you don't even know, and I asked that you be free of this pain and this cancer, if it be the will of our God. (Philippians 4:6) Don't worry about anything, but in everything...let your requests be made known to God. Love to you on this Tuesday afternoon! Vernie

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you will remember me but I'm praying daily for you and your family, God is our healer.
never forget by his stripes we are healed. (and bran muffins) this story was just told too us in a sunday school semiar this week, how funny to hear it twice in one week. I will visit your blog often for up dates, you have very encouraging words.
Thoughts & Prayers

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!!

I have been praying that this pain will ease up in your back and every morning, during the day and at night and will continue to do so. I agree with the three comments already posted that you are truly loved and GOD is the great physician..I know that I want to do and say so much more and you have made repayment to us through your blog. I have to get on everyday now to read because I always get a message from it. I love ya lots Leah!! Tell my BRO and kids I said hello and love them too!!