Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today I had my 4th treatment!

I thought I would blog now that I'm home because normally the steriods and medicines they give that keep me going will last for a couple of hours before it tends to start taking me down. However, I'm believing the Lord for an even better time this time.

Thanks to those who say that I look good through this journey. All the Glory goes to God that I've not lost all my hair (only about 1/2 even though you can't tell it) and I've not lost a pound. In the past I would have loved to have been able to lose but not like this is too painful. The steriods keep you from losing but the doctors have said those that maintain their weight will do better through chemo. If you are too small, the chemo drugs will decimiate you. Well, Ms. Fatty Pants here does not need to worry about that. :=)

I was trying to lose weight before I found out that I had cancer and couldn't lose. When I had my colon resection surgery at the end of July and they wouldn't even allow me to have an ice chip for 10 days, still NO weight loss! No food, no ice.....I was out walking the halls every night. Other people on my floor would get on the scale each time and would lose 1lb.-2lbs. each day. I would get on the change. When I came back to the doctor to determine next steps, they sent me to an oncologist for chemo. The other guy that was losing all the weight, his family was called in to discuss his prognosis. His future seemed bleak. Big picture....maintaining my weight is a blessing in this journey. I feel by looking at others at Emory going through this and how much they've lost that this is part of God's protection.

All the wonderful dinners that everyone has brought to our family day after day has been amazing! I'm not picky and therefore want to taste all the different dishes that others prepare. This all helps to keep up my cell counts. So, thank you for all the is an awesome blessing to our family.

By the way, one of the most remarkable things that happened today was the equation they use to determine my white/red cell counts along with my platelets was actually up from my last treatment and the treatment before...!! Tell me that isn't God's protection. They are expected to continue to go down each treatment and mine was significantly up from the prior treatments! All the prayers, good food and vitamins! Thank you Jesus!

Oh, MRI results....they did not see where any cancer spread. YIPPPE-KI-YAY!! I wasn't looking for cancer spread but the cause of the intense pain in my back, which never goes away. They did not find anything related to the cancer. They found degenerative vertebre, etc that seemed normal with age. They are now sending me to a Spine Specialist. Just like I needed another doctor to go to....but it has to be resolved, as it does not go away and it is not a pain that can be ignored. As I remind myself in this journey, I have options....3 months from could have been over....but God's grace sustained me and now I have choices of medicine that is available...that in itself is a blessing. Options vs. NO Options=No brainer.

I have my ultrasound scheduled for this Friday when I go to get my chemo unhooked. So I plan to have resolution on the 3 lumps they've found, maybe this week. If I can get all these tests out of the way and just focus on one area, I think my focus overall would be more profound and solid. I don't like so many unresolved issues with so little I can do. So if you notice bad spelling, grammatical errors, I'll chalk it up to the drugs I'm on. ha. Remember each time I have chemo, my dog gets that must mean something. He has short term memory loss too....he forgets that he is supposed to bark at strangers....ha. Just kidding....if you know him, you know that he would bark at you if he were totally asleep! :-(

They did note the lesion on my kidney, which I believe was already on a CT scan but my doctor said we would monitor it through my chemo and if it is cancerous, he felt the chemo would take care of it. The MRI pathology report indicated a CT scan needed to be done or a renal ultrasound....she here we go....more tests. They also noted the lump on my spine but they are pretty sure it is just a cyst body is just full of lumps, bumps and cysts....isn't that a disgusting thought!! ha. Hey, I love the vessel God gave me and I'm so thankful he is going to give me many more years to reside in it for HIM! :=)

So new spread of cancer and for that, I say "Praise the Lord, Victory is Mine"

Love to all,


Donna said...

I just have to respond to such an upbeat blog, Leah. I have already had quite an awesome day in God's presence today and your blog just really did add to it.

I usually spend much of my morning commute to work in prayer. My car makes a great prayer room and I don't worry about anyone hearing anything I say. I had a coworker that was not feeling well today. He was about to leave early to go home & try to get to feeling better. I asked him if he minded me praying for him before he left. He told me I could pray for him anytime I wanted to. I told him I was serious & I told him just to stand there a minute. I laid my hand on his arm and asked the Lord to touch his body in Jesus name and prove to him that He is our healer. After I was done with that I felt the witness of the Holy Ghost and I fully expect that he is healed when I see him tomorrow. And I had quite a wonderful time in God's presence on the way home.

I also have a friend that had prayed for a miracle this week and God has done a great work for her today.

I am sort of wound up for it to be bedtime.

So thankful for you having good reports!

Praise God!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a chapter in your life, that's it. It is not your life's story, and it will not be the last chapter in your life's story.

By the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ you will rise again!!

Courage and fear belong together.
Fear tells us that life is unpredictable and that anything can happen. Who would have ever thought that it would be cancer???
But courage replies quietly, "Yes, But God is in control. Stay strong, but always remember God is in control.

There isn't a whole lot that you can do about it...except hang on for the ride and let go and let God.......

I love your blogs. You let the Lord shine through you, and show us all that no matter what comes our way--- with the Lord we can make it!!
God loves you and so do I
I am praying for you.

#1Fan said...

Good morning Leah! Such good positive spirits flowing today! I am thankful for everyday, and most of all for those that bring smiles thru tears. My cousin told me the same thing you did about weight loss. She was overweight when she started chemo and said that was a good thing because she did lose a lot of weight. She looks so good now, her hair is back and it is so pretty, and she is at a perfect weight, and all her freckles went away so her face is baby-smooth! From your pics on this blog I can tell you are already a pretty girl, so I can't imagine how you're gonna look when you get done with this treatment plan you're on! WOW! You made my day today Leah, thank you and thank God for you as he continues to shower you with good news and a host of praying friends! Love, Vernie!

Jana Floyd said...

Who is the Spine Specialist you are going to? I worked with a group & I can help if you need it.