Friday, January 23, 2009

Too many people in this battle!

First of all, thanks to mom and Lisa for keeping my blog up to date when I don't feel like writing or typing. Secondly, adding my family for their wonderful care giving and to Jesus Christ for his wonderous working/healng power and to all of YOU.....just because of all the things you do!

Yesterday, Steve had someone come to give us an estimate on changing out of the liner of our pool (got it out of the "what to do if you are bored" dummies book ha.). The man came in the house and I was immediately self-conscious of my hair and pjs. I immediately let him know that I was home sick and that I did not always dress like that. He said, "no problem" but then he started asking about my hair. After our initial response, he said, "I understand, I just got through my chemo from colon cancer." I haven't blogged since I've been in the emergency room but my nurse there was about my age and said his dad had just died of colon cancer a couple of years ago and he had colon cancer (we talked about our love of colonscopies) ha.. Now how coincidential is that? I don't believe it was a coincidence! We were able to share our stories and what helped/didn't help, etc. and the ultimate staying power of Jesus Christ.

So, God not only gives you protection...HE provides protection through people we do not even know so they can share their testimony. I'll be able to pay it foward pretty soon!!!. God is just good like that.

As Lisa and Mom already stated, I've not done very well the past couple of treatments. I keep getting symptons I've not gotten before and they don't seem normal. However, the doctors have sent me for all kinds of test and whatever it is doesn't seem to have affected my other organs. Praise God for that.....however, pray that whatever is causing the pain go away so I'm able to live without pain ane without narcotics!!!

I heard we had wonderful Revival services with Bro. Hernandez. My dad was really touched and felt that God was going to give him complete healing. For those that don't know my dad, he died on the operating table several times because of a bad heart and he walks with a cane because of his post polio condition. These are all areas that are very stressful for him. I pray through all this that God gives dad a healing too!!

Well, my chair and nap are missing me again. Today is the first day that I've even felt like getting on and blogging so I must be feeling better, huh? Your prayers are still greatly appreciated and greatly needed!
However, I know I can always count on YOU!!
Love always,

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Anonymous said...


I haven't been on for a couple of days and I had to read the last 2 days. Praise the Lord you are feeling alittle better. You are on my mind all the time and I know God hears our prayers for you. I also wanted to express my thanks to your sister for sharing the song that was on her heart. God is so good. I needed that message shared with me. God always working through others and through your blog and I am so thankful because I don't know if you realize the effect it has on others and wanted to tell you again. Everytime I think of that sign I saw it reminds me of what you and others share on this blog. "God will take your mess and turn it into your message". Keep pushing forward and you and the whole family is in my prayers each and every day.

Love all of you,