Friday, January 9, 2009

Tigger lost his bounce yesterday but not the battle "-)

Yesterday I was so excited because I finally felt that I could get out of the house for a few hours. I had not been out since Christmas, except to the hospital.

It was such a beautiful day and just getting into the car....oh, I thought in my mind, "I am free today!" Kimberly, a friend and I went and grabbed a quick lunch and went to 2 different stores so Kimberly could exchange some Christmas. I was feeling so good and energetic. My feet were hurting from the neuropathy but then again, pain has become constant so it didn't keep me from bouncing from place to place. "-)

I had such a good time and was thinking....finally I'm over this last round of chemo.....until last night. I became so sick. I was trying to be quiet because Steve had already gone to bed and I didn't want to wake him. Poor thing, he goes to work and then has to spend the evening and night comforting me all the time!! Never a breath of complaint from him but I wanted to give him one evening he could go to bed early and not have to worry about me. So, I lay in bed silently moaning so he wouldn't hear; praying the pain would go away and not awaken him. He finally awoke around 3 am. and asked how I was.....

I have to admit just having him to comfort me just made me feel better. However, it didn't remove the pain. I was freezing, yet my body was so hot that I thought I might be running a fever. He finally got me a pain med., as I realized that I had gone hours with pain and couldn't stand it for another minute and at 3ish am. ....back to my recliner. I immediately put on the massager and the heat. By the time he showered and got dressed for work, the pain med had set in and I was feeling better again. It is so frustrating to feel one minute you could pass out from all the pain and then hours later, tolerate the pain and move on to do what you need to do. However, thank the Lord for those hours of moving on!! :-)

Today, I have stayed in my recliner and decided that I won't go out again. It has taken me longer to get over this chemo treatment. By now, I can at least get around with less pain. The doctor told me these last treatments were going to be the worst but I just mentally challenged that thought....and prayed it not to be true. So far, I think they were right....I'm living with the effects and the cumulative effects!

So, Tigger turned into Eeyore today. Bouncy, bouncy to slow moving but hey I'm moving so there is a bright side. I did get a few hours of normalcy.

Interestingly enough there are all kinds of sales going on at this time of year. 75%-80% off of so many things but yet, I think to myself...."we don't need anything." The gift of contentment to be walking and having somewhat of a normal day was satisfaction enough.

I, of course always read my blog comments. I've noticed that some of you are somewhat shy to share your needs. This journey is not just about my sickness but about sharing and caring for each other. Please share your needs so we can all pray for you. Tammy, I'm praying for your healing with lupus and that your bronchitis goes away, In Jesus Name. This is a perfect forum for letting each other know what we need so we can all be praying for each other.

Yes, I have/had cancer but my need is no greater than anyone else'. I'm going through a battle but so are so many others. I want to help you pray for your needs, it is why the Lord has brought us together. He is in charge of the war but we have battles that we must go through. As it says in the Bible, where 2 or 3 are gathered praying....that is what we can all do. There are approximately 400 people that get on my blog....that is alot of people praying. We also have churches that we can take our prayer requests let's journey together by praying for each other as we have but let's share our requests, okay? I look forward to praying for all of you as you have for me.

I thank each of you for all your encouragement, blog comments, cards, letters, etc. but as I grow stronger in my body....I want to pay it all forward for someone else. Let's continue to reach out to one another and grow stronger in our families, faith, health, is what God designed. I want to be a part of it, don't you?

I am so excited....can't wait to hear from you.
Love to all,


Anonymous said...


I know 3 treatments seem like forever, but I am so thankful you are on the downhill slope to being Tigger all the time. I thank you for praying for my dad.

His infection is getting better, but they are not completely certain that there is not infection in his heart. If all continues to go as planned, he will have open heart surgery again on Friday. Just please pray that it is the best scenario possible when they go in for surgery. Also, sometime between now and Monday the doctor is going to run a PET scan. Pray for good results.

"To God be the glory forever and ever! His name is glorious, and I praise Him because how would we go through these things with such peace and comfort if it wasn't for our beautiful savior."

Thank you for praying for us, and, as always, we are praying for you. You are almost there. Yah!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,

Your almost there. Hang in there it will soon all be over.
You are such an inspiration to so many people.

Love ya,

From Indiana