Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorry I couldn't blog today, I'm still trying to figure out which hat I should wear. ha.

I was feeling quite low until I found these amazing hats and thought by wearing these that my chemo day could be quite cheerful.

However, I can only wear one and I just can't decide. The Christmas bow or the garden variety.....hmmmmmmmm, it is just too difficult to pick just one.

Please cast your votes as quickly as possible. It is 2 days until my debut. Many of you are probably jealous about not having a hat, such as mine but I promise I'll share! :-) This will probably be my chance to show that cancer can wrack havoc on your body but what sunshine we can share to others. Please cast your votes in my blog comments where Ernst and Young, Accounting Firm will count the votes and announce the winner!


Mother said...

Wow... those pain meds are not only making you talk crazy... now they are making you act crazy. Ha!!!
Even through the storm we can see the rainbow. It is all about the attitude even at your lowest.
I am thankful that you have those little windows of time where you can feel normal.
It is all about getting back up with " wide open faith"
I vote for the "BIG BOW" I am sure that you will put a smile on a lot of faces Wed at Emory. lol

AET said...

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to disagree with your Mother on this, Leah. The "Garden Variety" has a LOT of potential. You could hang things from it if you needed to. You could put pieces of Kleenex, paper clips, chewed bubblegum... it may come in real handy. Like a fashionable tool belt.

Cheri said...

Definitely the garden variety!! It would be like sending a bouquet of flowers to everyone in the clinic on Wednesday!! Besides that, it is just totally you.
Haha! Glad to see you are in high-spirits today! We have been praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I would also have to go with the garden variety. With the rain today, it will grow nicely. You will have an entire garden by the time you get back. Then you can make hats for everyone.


Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Well Leah, I'm voting for the garden variety as well. I know that you have a green suit that will match perfect. Oh heck...why stick with a green suit. You are making a statement, right? Got anything hot pink?

Love you `

Indiana said...

Why limit yourself? Pin the bow on the garden and really knock em out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with our Uncle. Go for the gusto! Pin the bow on the garden! Make it a hot pink or hot yellow bow. I'm sure you will put smiles on everyones faces. Make sure Steve gets pictures of this fabulous event.

I am praying for you and glad to see that you are feeling better for the moment. Remember, this too shall pass!
Love you,

Donna said...

Ray said he likes the big bow but I kind of like the idea of the garden variety since it has so much potential.

You certainly gave us a good laugh.

Praying for you. Donna

Anonymous said...

I like the Garden Variety Leah! Funny! Glad to know you are feeling better today.


Linda Shanks said...

I think I would go with "The Garden Variety". You will look great in it. My prayers are with you always.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I think the Big Bow.You know the talk when she wore it.

Your sis,

Sharon King said...

Hey there,

Just getting a chance to read your blog. I would use the garden variety for Spring and save the bow for Christmas! LOL

You're on my heart and definitely in my prayers. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank God this journey is wrapping up for you with these treatments.

God gless,