Thursday, January 15, 2009

I got sacked last night but I'm still looking toward the goal line!

The chemo has hit me really hard this time and right away. Typically I'm able to get my chemo bag removed before it starts taking me down. This time it has appeared immediately and has taken me by surprise. Again, I refuse to let one battle win my war. I'm going to fight, fight, fight this stuff all the way to my touchdown of Victory.

I just got a call this morning of a friend that we are in touch with through others who was just diagnosed with colon cancer. Corey is in his late 20s and has 2 small children (you might know him as one of the Livingston singers....they have CDs out). They weren't lying when the cancer special on TV said that every other person would have some type of cancer by the time they die if we don't find a cure. 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women. It is heartwrenching to hear these stories but we know WHO holds our future, so I do not get just makes me want to fight more. Please pray for this family. The word I hear is they are devestated, however we know a God much bigger than our circumstance.

I'm not going to blog much more right now, as I've been sick all last evening, through the night and this morning. I'm headed back to my recliner for the day.

Just wanted to get out the prayer request and thank all of you for YOUR prayers for me. As you bless others, God is going to honor each of you. God is truly an awesome God. How does anyone in this crazy world not live with the ulimate peace, joy, hope and love that you get from the Heavenly Father? Hard to imagine but we just have to continue to pray for each other and pray that this ray of sunshine shines upon those that are in need.

As always, love to all,


Anonymous said...

Leah, you are almost done with your chemo, and I am so proud of you. Even though we have been here for you, this journey you traveled was with the Lord by your side as your guide. You have leaned on him and your faith has never faltered. You have shown what Christians speak of, unfailing faith. WOW!

Sometimes people come into our lives quite by chance, but always for a reason. It is such by chance that Tammy and I were talking about health issues and she mentioned you and your struggle with having to undergo cancer treatment. She told me about your blog, I became interested and now I feel like we are what the new generation call "BFF" (best friends forever!)

Hang in there girl, you almost got this thing beat! My prayers are for all those others, some we know and some we don't know yet, who will walk this same walk you have walked these past few months. My prayer is that for every person that has to fight this battle, may God send them a support group of loving family and friends that will lift their name in prayer.

My love to you as you rest!

Kim Heine said...


Checking your blog is part of my morning routine and it is always an inspiration.

"God is our refuge and strength" and you take every opportunity you can to praise Him for it. You will never know how many lives you have touched by your faithfulness to God and willness to share your journey, but you will be rewarded.

We have so much to be thankful for. Today you should be thankful that you on longer live in Indiana. It's -17 this morning! They are calling for a heat wave this weekend--maybe in the teens.

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

We Love You,