Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy day but lots of laughter!!

Well, I did start night and day sweats. Go figure!! I can't ever get warm but I woke up with my body and hair wet. Doctor said it is probably just another side effect I hadn't experienced before....Yeah for me, I get to try all the effects so that way when I talk to others...I can really relate. :-) This really wasn't my plan but I learned at the beginning of this journey, it wasn't about MY way but HIS way. So my faith and trust is in HIM.

I layed around all day. I just feel like I can't get enough sleep these days. Lisa, my sister came over and somehow we started on funny shows, skits, etc. and we were both laughing. My sister is much wittier than I am and can tell a story so much better. I'm terrible at trying to tell a joke. I'm trying so hard to make sure that I get all the pieces in the joke by the time I get to the end...everyone just stares at me. Well, it was funny until I took so long trying to tell it. I just think it is a talent for some people. Have you ever met someone that can tell a joke that isn't funny but everyone is laughing? I'm always amazed at those people. My husband Steve is one of those people. He just doesn't show it much but I'm sure you've gotten a sampling by looking at the pictures throughout my chemo sessions.

Well, tomorrow will be my last day before I'm back for my treatment. I've been feeling like I might be getting earaches so I pray that I don't have anything and they can continue the treatments . I don't want to get off schedule. I just want to get them done!!! I'm excited at the thought but knowing how bad this last treatment was and the next (according to another cancer survivor) are like a tsunami hit you. She told me it was the worst she could have ever imagined to the point, she wanted to quit. So please say an extra prayer for these next 2 treatments.

I know a month of treatments doesn't sound like much to some until you are confined to your bed in extreme pain for a month. It seems like eternity.

I've come to enjoy my pjs so much, I'm not sure I'll be able to wear regular clothes to work. Maybe I'll show up the first day in my pjs and tell them that I want to make up for all the lost holidays I wasn't there. So the first holiday was Labor Day so I would wear red, white and blue pjs. Next comes Halloween, so I would wear fall colored pjs....on and on. ha. What a crazy thought! Mom, this time I'm not on my pain meds at the moment so you can't blame them for your brainless child. ha

Just a reminder to get your votes in so we can get these over to the Accounting firm to count. You only have one day left and this could be the start of your future as a judge. You just never know who is watching.

Love you all,


Anonymous said...


I just looked at your blog and enjoyed the votes..I laughed so hard. After me and you talked so long yesterday I forgot to look at the blog this morning. I love your sense of humor, Steve obviously has worn off on you. My vote is in and I have to go with the garden variety. Love ya girl!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...Leah, you alway amaze me. I just wished I was as half as stong as you were. Don't ever stop your blog, I get such a blessing just reading it. Your in my prayers and thoughts daily. Oh by the way I would go with the garden variety.
Have a blessed day.


mandy said...

Garden variety, hands down. The bow is a bit more conservative (if thats even possible). = )
Praying for you today.

Carmen said...

Leah, Hey cous just a note to say I love you and am Praying for you. I havent called because like I told your mom I know when your hurting and sick the last thing you want to do alot of is sit and talk on the phone (I know I didnt want to I hurt so bad) but not like you or in the way that you are I wont even say I know the pain your in. I just wanted you to know that your in our Prayers and that even though I dont call alot PLEASE DONT TAKE IT THAT I DONT CARE OR LOVE YOU BECAUSE I DO. I have one question do you have big corn or little corn lol???
Love ya cous