Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ms. Muffet on her Tuffet the day before Chemo #10

Another prayer request I just got this morning. Debra Coker was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer in 2008 (just months before I was diagnosed with cancer). Our husbands have worked together for years so it was ironic that the two of us ended up with cancer just months apart.

She just went to the doctor yesterday and they are pretty sure it has now spread to her lungs. The doctor said he wasn't sure but with her cancer being so aggressive, he was pretty sure it is cancer. However, they would start her on chemo again....this time for her lungs. Please pray for her. They have just been through surgery and chemo, like me and now are having to go through it again.

I'm starting the last of my treatments (3 more to go, Yahoo). However, they will do testing at the end of my treatments also. I have 3 lesions on my lungs and kidneys that they are monitoring, along with the colon. So, please pray that these lesions will be gone through the chemotherapy that I've done and I won't be put through any more chemo regimens nor will I move to the last stage of cancer.

Honestly, I'm expecting a full recovery. I've had faith throughout this journey that God has it all in control and I won't be going through more than I've already been through. However strong my faith is....I know that I must still pray, learn to listen and obey God. He is my fortress and help in my storm. In HIM do I trust!!

The last couple of days I've felt more normal than the past week and half. I tend to get up and go straight to my recliner, turn up the heat on the heating pad, turn on my massager and there Ms. Muffet lays. I have learned to be content in my condition. I've learned that it isn't the worst thing to be suspended to my home. Home is actually quite nice. I have a wonderful family that dwells with me. I have so many things to look forward to. So, I don't worry as much about getting out. I do like to get out as soon as I'm able because it is better for my body physically to build up strength but my mind is okay no matter where I'm at. My mind was a real struggle at the start of this journey. It made me feel as if I weren't moving, I wasn't doing something. My life has always been about schedules and to-do lists. Too much to do, so little time. Now my motto is....I'll do what I can, when I can and life will still go on. Not everything has to be done immediately..some things just have to wait. If I didn't have such a great family, I'm sure I wouldn't be so content at home, day in and day out.

I was able to go to church Sunday. I haven't been able to go in the past couple of weeks so it was very refreshing! At the start of the service, there were motorcycles and 4 wheelers parked in front of the sanctuary. So, of course....it makes you wonder what the message is going to be. Our Pastor said one of the small children's eye lit up at the sight and remarked to his mother that there was possibly going to be a drawing at the end of church much to the chagrin of those who owned the Harleys', etc. :-)

The theme for this year is, "Wide Open", which was our sermon. Our Pastor stated how you might purchase a vehicle with so much power but yet are unable to use it because of the law limit restrictions, etc. Therefore having something with alot of power and no use is such a waste. He showed pictures of a farm in Portugal purchased by a couple going into retirement. They did not enter the barn at the back of the home prior to purchasing. This building was huge. When the building was opened, they were amazed because stacked as close as you could get them were vintage cars of all types (they were beautiful and unbelievable). There were Astons, all sorts of European and American vintage vehicles!! As you looked at all the dust and thought of the years these cars had been sitting in this barn, your first thought would be, "what a waste". However, this couples $50,000 investment turned into $35Million dollars!!!

If we take this and align our lives, you see potential in our lives that go without use. What a waste of our talents! He spoke of how we are young Christians or even small children who are not afraid to try anything or will go the extra mile to do anything but then we become restricted. We talk ourselves out of it or we find other things to do with our time. The same thing happens to a talent, just as a muscle that go unused....it becomes out of shape. If everyone just used one of their talents (skills) to help the Community, our Communities and families would be strengthened. We would all have some sort of testimony in our lives because we would all be doing for each other. People would feel the love of Christ through us and I wonder how that would effect crime rates?

Anyhoo-I know that my purpose has not been fulfilled. I know that I have talents (skills) unused to help others. I'm just working through this process so that I'm physically and mentally able to help others going through crisis'. I've always had a heart for people that hurt but sometimes until you go through a battle yourself, others can't always relate to you. I'm not sure in what form or format that I will be used but I'm listening to the heart of God. He will ultimately open the door, I just have to be willing and not look for a window to crawl out. We have to be willing, able and ready.

I've got my armour on through this battle and through your prayers, I've been able to make obstacles into stepping stones. YOUR prayers have been my strength. There is no way to put into words what it has meant. I know I'm about to go through the hardest treatments (per the doctor/nurses) but with your prayers, I'm going to win this battle too! God has claimed the war through HIS ultimate protection but I still have to win each battle until I reach the victory line. This is a marathon that will be won with YOUR cheering, praise and again, prayers!

Isn't life great? I love every day! God is so good!
Until then,
love to all,


Donna said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today. It is so uplifting and encouraging no matter what life is bringing our way. God blesses us through your blogs and positive thoughts. You so beautifully put them into words. It really does help us to apply these valuable lessons to every day we live.

I trust and pray for the Lord to strengthen you as you go through the completion of your treatments and bring you out victorious. You said it so well when you said life is great! I recall a song from years gone by that goes,
"I found a good life, when I found Jesus.
When you're living for Jesus, you just can't go wrong.
My weary burdens, I'll lay them down;
It's a good life with Jesus that I've found!"

That has come to mind numerous times and indeed it is wonderful to live and walk with Jesus each day!

Love and prayers,
Donna New

Indiana said...

I really enjoyed reading your "Recipe for a Peace-filled Life". As Christians we should do Most of the things naturally. (Can't eat the Salmon)It's always good to be reminded though.
Life is great! God is good! He knows our end, so what do we have to fear.
Keep writing the good stuff. I'm sure there are more people reading your blog than you would imagine. You're the one we're supposed to be uplifting, but your blog is always Positive and encouraging. You're making it hard for me to complain without feeling ashamed.
You're always in my prayers.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Happy Tuesday Leah, so glad to know you are feeling better. I will certainly add Debra to my prayer list, so sorry to hear that another sweet soul has to fight this thing called "cancer", but that fight is not fought alone. God is still in control.

I've been home trying to heal from the flu, so tomorrow I hope I feel like going to work. When you mentioned "to do lists", that is me, a list for every day. I must certainly take a closer look at what I'm doing. I never wanted to be one of those people that don't stop to smell the roses. Sometimes we just get caught up. I must re-evaluate my priorities and make certain I'm doing what God expects of me. Thank you for handing me that reality check! I know that was not your intention, but your blogs are so inspiring and usually filled with a life lesson that seems to be meant just for me. Thank you Leah.


Linda Shanks said...

I truly enjoyed your blog today and I am encouraged by your words. What an awesome God that we serve knowing that he has everything in control. I was listening to a song this morning coming to work and the title was "Stand on his Word". His word is true and we can always depend on him through this journey of life and know that he is always there and he will never forsake us. I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward every day to see what God has done for you. I am praying for your complete healing and know that God can do all things. You are in my prayers daily and I hope this day brings you a wonderful day.
Love & Prayers,