Saturday, August 23, 2008

The port cath is in, CT Scan run....all ready to go!

Yesterday was another long day at Emory! We were supposed to get there at 11 am. for pre-op and surgery at 1 p.m. We didn't leave until 6:30 p.m.

As usual, when I check in for surgery and survey the room, I'm yet again the youngest one around. I feel like others are looking at me and wondering why I'm there? We check in and I wrap my pink cozy blanket around me (mom had it embroidered with my name, a cancer ribbon and the words, "you can make it" in the corner) and it seems to draw attention. It makes me feel comfortable just having something cozy around me but makes Steve see others around notice me. I tell him not to worry if people stare, it is a great opportunity to tell others about my story and God's assurance.

The nurses also seem to want to question me more than most because of my age and condition. The anesthia nurse that came in immediately began with, "how did you know, you are so young, couldn't believe it when I read your case and since I'm your same age am very curious". When I explain that I had no prior symptons of anything that would typically draw your attention to colon cancer from any point in my life, it just makes those more curious. Well, I should say, "me too". I could see other cancers by my family history....but colon cancer?

The nurses questioned me all the way into surgery and then continued to question me until they totally put me out. Surgery went well, no nicks on my lungs they said......and off in a wheelchair I went to another building for my CT scan. By the way, it does hurt to have a port cath. Dr. Staley said the stiches would desolve. My back pain, which started approx. 3 days ago is still there even with pain killers. It feels like I'm sleeping on a hairspray cap jabbing my back.

The CT scan was the most painful. I used my mental, "God if I take the first drink you drink the rest" to chug down all the prep liquid for the test. They kept in my IV from surgery to use for the radioactive dye. The guy who flushed the IV pushed it through so fast, I was yelling before I knew it. I never hurt like that through major surgery. Once they finally took me back for the scan, I mentioned again how painful, not realizing he was the one putting in the dye in my IV.....and I ended up yelling in pain again. He said it was because they had put my IV in a small vein and it was alot of dye to flush through...

The Doctors and Nurses at Emory have been excellent! The administration is lacking but if you can patiently get through the front desk, they do give you excellent care.

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