Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Next comes the port and then the CT Scan

This Friday, 8/22/08 I will have my port put in for my chemo treatments. I will also have another CT scan to insure the cancer has not spread. This will also be a baseline throughout my chemo treatments to determine if the chemo is effective or not.

I will have blood work each week to insure I'm healthy enough to partake of another dose (52-54 hrs. chemo). This will be administered every other Wednesday starting 8/27/08. I will have the blood work, meet with the doctor, and then start 4-5 hrs. of chemo. I will then leave with a infusion pack all neatly tucked into a fanny pack so the chemo can continue to drip for another 46 hrs. I will then take steriods for 3 days trying to combat the nausea that is supposed to be a directive of the last chemo cocktail I receive. In my cocktail, I have 3 medications. The last is supposed to be the worst.

I've received conflicting comments from Doctors on the side effects. The doctor who sent me to a Colon Surgeon told me it will be hell and that I will lose alot of weight, have no energy, lose my hair and will want to quit. She said that I must keep taking it no matter what or the cancer will beat me.

I was told by my Medical Oncologist that he thinks that with all the drugs he is giving me to supplement the side effects that I will be okay. I want to believe him because I believe that the Lord is going to get me through this as unscathed as possible. Somewhere in this lesson will be the purpose for the journey I'm on. I still have never asked why? It is not important. To me, the most important is question is, When? When will this all be over?

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