Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home from Chemo! YIPPEE!.Got my recliner and received CT scan results....

Our day started off in traffic on the way to Emory at 7 a.m. in the morning. Boy, I was really missing my morning in the world could I be so foolish to let something as simple as cancer keep me from sitting in "stop and go" traffic for 3 hrs. daily? Road rage, wrecks, broken down vehicles and congestion were the highlights of my morning and evening. Now what shall I do with all that productive time?

I was a little nervous about the lab work initially....nail pricks have started getting to me but this lady did a great job and started off my morning awesomely. I saw a Nurse Practioner vs. my regular Medical Ongologist and she was such a blessing. She saw how much my bandages cause alot of undue pain, understood how awful the nausea was going to be and added more steriods in my IV for nausea and prescribed something for me to take on my way home. Other than pain in my right hand veins, cold senstivity and tingling in my far, so good! They said if I get sick it will be in 24 to 48 hrs. and additionally I may get sick 7 days out.....but God is going to control that so I'm not going to worry.

They hooked on the infusion pump to my port cath to be detached on Friday. I have 46 hrs. in my fanny pack. The port cath was very painful. Another lady came in right beside me and said she had done absolutely fine with the same chemo cocktail and as soon as she told me that she started vomiting. I felt bad for her because I could tell she was embarressed but she couldn't help it.

Well, we asked for the results of my CT scan. It was a little confusing, as it talked about lesions on my kidneys and lungs but only said they would need further follow-up. The one area that was bothersome is that they found a 1.2 cm soft tissue nodule in my right breast. They requested that I go get a mammogram just to be such everything is okay. They think it is a cyst but it showed up on the scan so they felt it was important to get it checked now! With Christ, everything is going to be CLEAN and CLEAR!! I rebuke this from my body in Jesus Name!

Now for the really good news! I got my new recliner today...YEAH, YEAH, YEAH......see pictures below....I had to try it out and now I think that I'm hyped up on all the steriods, I need to get in my jammies and enjoy the comfort while I'm in a sane frame of mind....well, I'm not sure if that is going to I'll just enjoy it any ole' way I can!

Thank you for the prayers today and over the next few is going to determine how well this journey goes...everyone looks for the figuratively beautiful sunsets, lazy hammocks, refreshing ocean tides in their life....thus, that is what I pray today..not for just me but for all those that read this! "-)


Anonymous said...

Well, I know you are glad to be home in your new recliner. It looks very comfortable. I am still praying for you everyday. I know God will keep you in his care and comfort you. We love you very much! Vickie and Joey

Amber Stephens said...

Hey Aunt Leah,

I love reading your blogs. I hate it that you have to go through something like this but I don't know of anyone who could handle it as strongly as you. I know god is watching over you everyday. I pray for a healing every chance I get. You mean the world to me. I love that recliner, I think i'm gonna come steal it. lol j/k. I am back in school finishing out my senior year even though my babygirl is on the way. But, knowing she will be here before I know it I want to be able to financialy support her. I feel like GED just wasn't good enough for my babygirl. God has given me the best gift and even though I made a mistake she is deffinatly not a burden to me. I just hope that I can teach her day to day about god's word and how good he's been to me and how great it is for him to be in my life. Kirsten Renay is the name :) if momma hasn't already told ya. haha. Let me know if I can do anything. I miss your smile and want to see you soon. I'm just gettin fatter and crankier as the days go by, I am so glad mom puts up with me. Well i'll let you go,

i love you so much!!!
[your favorite niece ;)] j/k

Kim Clutts said...

Wanted you to know that you and your family have been in my prayers. I am glad to hear day one went ok. Enjoy that recliner.
In my prayers,

Kimi McElroy said...

Leah, I am still praying for you. I will never forget what you said about 6 months being a long time and for me to not forget to pray for you. I give you my promice that I pray for you several times a day and I will continue to pray for you and your family. It's so hard to understand why someone as precious as you is going through all of this, but I know that Jesus loves you more than anyone and He hears our prayers for you. I pray that Jesus will mightily bless you through all of this and may He get the glory for your complete recovery.
I have greatly enjoyed all of your pictures and have admired your strength and faith evident in all of your blogs.
PS I LOVE your chair! :~)
Love, Kimi

Anonymous said...

Yep, its all about the recliner. :O) and boy do you look cute in it....Hope you are still doing good today......Cassie

Darren said...

hey lean,

This is darren Robinson. I was imformed of ur situation and have been praying ever since.

Tell all I said hello and keep the faith! I love u guys and u can be sure the Boyd-Rose clan is in our prayers.

Love And prayers,


Darren said...

sorry I know u r Leah I should have proofed my comment before sending!

Love you guys,