Sunday, August 31, 2008

God's Grace is always more than sufficient and amazing!

Thank you Lord for another amazing day to live for you!

I thank God so much for all the people who reach out to touch me in such a special way. As a friend stated, "people are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ here on earth." That is how I feel today.

I was physically having a very rough night last night. Everything hurt, including my eyelashes which were heavy and hurt. I always ask Steve to pray for me when I'm feeling really low. He prayed for me and after going to bed within a few hours, I was feeling so much better.

I felt too weak this morning to go to church which I had really looked forward too....but it was also the fear of feeling bad and being around someone sick. For some reason I couldn't get out of mind the warnings of the not even be around a runny nose...for some reason I couldn't get that out of my mind. So, I opted to stay in this morning since I wasn't feeling well and get the DVD. I missed church so much though.

My cousin was having a 40th birthday party after church. After asking mom if anyone was sick in the family decided to venture out of my prison to spend time with family. It was such a joyful day sitting at my aunt's house in another chair visiting with my family. I was able to visit with my aunt and uncle visiting from Indiana and hear about their new church being built, etc. It was very exciting to think of something else, sickness, cancer, chemo....

My grandma who is also going through chemo came over to visit and wasn't feeling very well. It is nice to have someone to relate with...even though I feel so bad for her and she says the same for me.

So many have made comments, called to encourage, etc. that I feel bad for even had a bad day yesterday. However, how would I ever have an appreciation for all the good days if I never knew a bad day? If Adam and Eve hadn't messed up...we could all just be living in a garden, wearing fig leaves and eating the fruit from the trees too....but guess what....didn't happen that mind get over it! ha. Besides that...knowing what we know....can you imagine your neighbor running around with just fig leaves....ugh....??? ha.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and my family is getting together at my aunt's house again. I pray for another great day tomorrow to get outta here. I can't believe that I may actually be able to get out of here 2 days in a row. So far, I haven't felt that much energy. I keep getting told that my worst days are coming up this Wednesday (white blood/red blood cell counts dip to their lowest a week from chemo). Lord, your grace and mercy is sufficient....please let all those reports be wrong.

I'll close for now....praying tomorrow is another wonderous day! It is your prayer that gets me through. To those reading this, thank you for your prayers of faith and Thank you Jesus for your touch today! :-)


#1Fan said...

Good morning sweetheart, it's me, your #1 Fan, here to cheer you on this Labor Dsy. Not much going on at my house, doing laundry and watching the hurricane evacuation. I have friends that have had to leave that area once again, so I may have company soon, have not heard from them yet. God has been so good to me, so if they call, my home is open, once again. I am so glad you were feeling well enough to get out a little on Sunday. Take it one babystep at a time and soon you will be taking giant steps! Wednesday may or may not be hard on you. I remember my cousin had some rough days, and seems if we could keep the odors out of the house, she felt so much better. Fish cooking, perfumes, the stinky dog, all of that made her feel bad. But once she got over that spell, she was fine with the stinky dog all in her lap! That feeling goes away, so pray for courage to get thru that minute by minute. I gotta run now, doing grandbaby chores! Be back soon, get some rest. God Bless You.

Pam Nixon said...

Hey, Leah. Enjoyed your pictures and your blog. We are praying for you and believe these 6 months will one day be just a blurry memory for you. Until then, I know it will be hard though and will keep you in our prayers. Some of the Emory pictures looked familiar. I would be happy to bring you for some treatments if you need me to. We love you!

Sara Lopez said...

Hello Leah, so sad to hear what you've been going thru. Please know that me and my family will be praying for you and your family. God bless you. Sara Lopez