Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surprise, Surprise....

Last night my children had a surprise birthday party for me. It was absolutely wonderful, however I was very overwhelmed. Mom wanted me to say something and I felt speechless for one time in my life! ha.

Thank you to everyone for all your labor in making it so special. The food was excellent! We had barbeque chicken and pork with awesome side dishes, which I later found out were made by my sister-in-laws. No wonder it was so good.

Thank you to everyone that came and celebrated. I don't like the attention but I'm so glad that I reached this milestsone. It is another example of God's goodness to me.

Since I've last written, I had my family in from Indiana. I enjoyed them so much. My cousin, who is 3 months older than I am, stayed with me. She, her husband and daughter were great company, however they only stayed 1 1/2 days and it rained the whole time. Today the weather is beautiful....why couldn't we have had a day like this when they were here? Oh well, the rainy weather provided us with lazy days.

My energy is still not up to par. I didn't do anything while I had company but was so exhausted after they left. I find myself taking naps even when I don't mean to. I guess my body is just trying to recover. My fingers, which are killing me now....have not improved nor have my feet, ankles and legs. If I sit for very long, I find it very hard to get up and move my feet. Although the doctor said I may never recover from this, I am believing the opposite. God has gotten me through so much already, this is nothing for HIM to do!

I had several people trying to get me on Facebook. I finally did it and have connected to friends and family I've not seen for 20+ years! It has been very exciting!

I've been in my pjs all day but tonight we are going to the Fox Theatre for a show. These tickets were in my Christmas stocking so it is the gift that keeps on giving. It is for me, Steve, kids and my parents. Steve and I are the only ones that have ever gone to the Fox, so it will be something new for the rest. We are going to meet and have dinner and then onto the Fox. I've had a couple of naps already today so that I can go. Typically, I'm good for a couple of hours and then my energy fades.

It is hard to believe next week is Easter. Where has the time gone? When I was having chemo, time seemed to stop, now that I'm recovering....time seems to fly by.....

As always, thank you for your continued support......this journey has been made so much easier because of your support and thoughtfulness!

Love to all,


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Vernie said...

Hi Leah! I wanted to attend your party so bad, but I don't venture out too much or too far at night. I don't see all that well at night so I just stay close. I knew it would be fun and I knew you would be happy and I'm happy for you. Your family is a blessing to you as you are to them. Enjoy yourself tonight, talk later. Love to all!