Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is a journey....not a destination.

Thank you for all the kind and encouraging comments on the recent results from my testing!! I'm so excited that God chose to keep me in this world and so thankful for everyone who has supported us through this journey.

Our journey in life doesn't end when the current situation or circumstance ends. The path is never ending and leads you to other crossroads in life, small and great and good and bad. Therefore, I will continue to blog because my journey in this world is not over (Thank the Lord)!

At times, the place in our journey looks like this picture. It has a cloud cover and is not very clear. How do we determine our next steps? We all have a measure of faith so how do we use it?
You might say to yourself, I don't believe in all that...therefore I do not live by faith but we do...

Some examples would be, (ie. When you dine out, you do it with faith that you are not going to get food poisoning, or when you sit on a chair, you have faith that the strength of the chair will hold you up, you have faith that winter will eventually turn into spring so on and so forth). We all have a measure of faith but how is it used?

Do we just assume in our journey that no matter what we do, what is going to happen will just happen? If you want to have a party, you don't just think on it and it happens. You must put the time and effort into making it happen or otherwise it is only an idea in your head.

If we use faith the way we were created to, we would see wonderful things happen in our lives everyday. Don't just pray that you pass a test, study and pray that you receive an "A". If you are in a difficult marriage, pray that God gives you guidance to make things better, if you are having financial problems, pray that you get a raise/promotion/2nd job but just pray with faith and follow the leading of the Lord. He doesn't come down and yell in your ear, many times we are just impressed in our spirit on how we should be viewing the current situation. Many times, the answers are right in front of us.

I want my journey to always be filled and fulfilled with the right amount of faith, hard work and guidance from the Lord. Within this, true happiness and peace is found!

Update on me: I'm officially returning to work in June. I was so happy to talk to my boss yesterday. I look forward to seeing everyone at work again. I have really missed them! I'm not looking forward to the long drives everyday though.

I've not been able to sleep the past few nights with the pain in my legs. I finally took another Vicodein and it wasn't very long and they were hurting again so I got up and took another in the night. I still didn't sleep very well. This morning I feel nauseated, I think it was too much and I took them too close together.

Other than trying to build up my strength, I'm trying to get things done for Angela's prom, graduation, etc. Man, where does time go??

Speaking of time, I have alot to do today. I have an appt. at Angela's college today so I must journey on...
Whatever you do today, do it with joy in your heart!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Leah, I'm so glad you will be able to get back to work soon. That will make you feel "normal" again. I know they have missed your hard work and dedication too. Just don't overdo it. I'm sure you are gaining strength every day, so by June, you should be chomping at the bit - as they say. Have a great day and continue to get out and live life.

Way to go Leah!!!!


Vernie said...

Hey pretty lady! So good to hear from you! You do have a lot going on and so much to be happy about. I feel with you like I did when my daughter got married and moved away. I was so happy for her but I was worried that I would miss our chats, our bonding and all our serious and intimate moments. I didn't know then but I do now, our times just got better. Now you know without a doubt that I am more than happy for you as we all are who have been praying for you, and happier too knowing our times will not end but will only get better. We will always have something to be thankful for and something to pray for so our connection and our bonding will go on and on and on! Get your rest while your body heals and soon you will be full-speed! From the words of my first grand, you are one of my "BFF's", BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!! (The more I'm around this kid, the more my language changes! LOL) Love you kiddo! Stay strong and give thanks!


Pam Nixon said...

Thank you, Lord, for this great report! Now Leah, you can get your life back!! I am so thankful for your health being restored.

Anonymous said...

OK, Leah, we've waited long enough. We want to know what you are up to and how you are feeling. Vernie and I are having blog withdrawal (smile).

Lov ya.