Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm 40 and proud of it!!

Sorry it has been so long since I blogged. The neuropathy in my fingers seem to have gotten worse and typing makes them hurt even more so.....I took a breather for my hands thinking they would get better but I don't think they have so.....I'm going to go on anyway. :-)
I realized that I left many hanging when I said that I would talk about my Surgeon's visit the next time I blogged but then I didn't blog again. Sorry about that, I didn't realize I did that until I had those asking me.
The visit was fine. Basically, I learned what I already knew. The side effects from chemo can get worse after chemo is over and that I was lucky to have almost every side effect listed for the chemotherapy I was on (or is that unlucky). ha. He did mention the close relationship between colon and breast cancer. Breast cancer is what runs in my mother's family through my grandma who died at 47 with breast cancer and all her sisters have either had breast or ovarian cancer. So, I will need to be diligent about my exams but I'm not going to begin to fear these things. He did mention that it might be wise to contact Human Genetics to see if they thought it would be a good idea to test to see if I have the cancer gene that could produce other cancers.
Well, since I last blogged I have had a birthday. Yes the BIG 4-0....I still feel 25 so it is really hard to believe that I'm at this milestone in my life. Normally, I would not have even mentioned my birthday but this year, I'm gladly celebrating another year of blessings. I know I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. The best thing about a birthday is that it is a reminder that you have made it another year. This year I say, "Wahoo" and doing the birthday dance because there were times I wasn't sure I was going to see this day. It was in the back of my mind just thinking that when my birthday rolls around, I will be out of chemo for a month. It always gave me a mile marker in my mind to keep moving.
I have family coming in from Indiana tonight. Two sets of my aunts and uncles, my cousins and their children. They are stopping in on their way back from Ft. Lauderdale from my cousin's wedding last Saturday (my birthday). I was unable to make that long of trip so I'm very sorry that I missed the wedding. They had a beach wedding with a violinist. Mom said it was beautiful. UGH...if it could have been a month later...oh well, hopefully they will have alot of pictures to share.
Well, I'm going to go. I have a dentist appt. today. The chemo seems to have started eating the enamel away on my teeth....that is some bad stuff!!! I want to begin trying to get all these things under control now. I just pray that when I go for all my testing, I will not have more chemo. I can't imagine how much your body can take.
Oh, I forgot to mention....THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, kind words, cards, calls, etc. It made my day much brighter!
Older and Loving it!!
Love to all,

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