Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another test this morning!

I'll be headed to Emory in a couple of hours for yet another test! Not everyone gets sick in the preparation for these tests. Somehow I always manage to get sick. I ended up throwing up and being nauseous all evening and night. I had to wake myself back up this morning to take more of the medicine that is going to help with this test today. YUCK, I feel horrible!!
I wish the tests were this easy:
  • Has family-check
  • Has friends-check
  • Has a heart-check
  • Appreciation and compassion for others-check
  • Brain-been gone awhile but hopes to be back soon
  • Will to fight this to the end-check
  • Faith that this will be a Victory-check

Testing is over-you will again be normal!!

If the tests were only this easy-I could ace them all!! :-) We will be down at Emory most of the day. I check into surgery at 7:30 a.m. and the testing begins at 8:30 a.m. Recovery and an appt. with my Oncologist later in the day makes me know that this is going to be another long day. I've not gotten any sleep so I look forward to when they knock me out. Now if I could just bring some of that "stuff" home with me when I'm so restless and can't sleep at night.

When I was going through chemo, I actually enjoyed being able to lay down and sleep. Now I'm back to my all night restless nights. One of the primary reasons is the shooting pain you have in your legs. My grandma, who just went through chemo/radiation has the exact same thing. The doctors said it is nerve pain created by the chemo. Interestingly enough, it hurts all day long but becomes unbelievable painful when you lay down. We haven't figured out why that is but something about trying to keep your legs still, just make them hurt worse. :-)

I'm going to ask the doctor today why it seems I'm getting more and more cold-blooded. On a bright sunny day when everyone else is roasting, I'm freezing. I could wear boots and a sweater everyday of the week and probably would still feel cold.

Yesterday, I had a shirt and sweatshirt on around the house and was still cold. Steve and Kimberly said they were sweating. Steve said it was 77 degrees in the house and I was still covering up on the couch with all my clothes on. Mom mentioned it could be that my blood is low. I'm sure it is something very simple but I just need to see if there is something that I can do because it is miserable being so cold all the time. We get in the car and the slightest bit of air coming out of the vent makes me feel like I'm in a deep freezer!

I'll find out today hopefully when I can return full time to work. I'm a little bit worried since I've been gone for so long that I will be so far behind, that I will be a liability. I'll just have to work that out with my co-workers.

Ugh, I wish I didn't have to take more pills this morning. I feel sick and then to think I have at least an hour on the road. YUCK!! I've learned the hard way, when you think that you can't handle another thing or what you have seems so overwhelming, just remember things really can get worse.....there are so many in much worse shape than we are. We have alot to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that I have a husband that goes with me to every hospital visit and cares for me when I'm sick. As soon as I started getting sick last night, he was right by my side offering a warm towel and cleaning up after me. I don't know what I do without him. No matter how difficult for me, I think this has all been much worse for my family. I'm just blessed to have all of them. It is the small things that we expect that really is a blessing...not everyone has their family close to them or is close enough with their family to have their assistance.

As always, thank you for your prayer and support. Hopefully we will have results today from all the testing I did last week. Please pray that I don't have to have anymore tests right now. They make me so sick!! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!! I thank him for everything.

Love to all,



mother said...

Baby we are praying, praying that this test today will bring good news.
Just when you think you are seeing the end of the tunnel, you go through another turn in the road.
I know you are so weary. I pray today that we will recieve VICTORY!
Thank you so much for your continual prayers for Leah.
Leah really needs all of your prayers this morning... We need good news! The Lord has never failed us, we are still looking for Victory ahead.
Love you bunches,

Vernie said...

Leah, one of my favorite songs was being played over and over this morning as I was driving into work. Every time I turned the station, it would be playing on another one! It's by Shirley Caesar, "You're Next in Line for a Miracle, Your Breakthru, Your Blessing". I love that song. Hang in there, as my Grandma use to say, "He sits high and looks low, he is still on the throne."
Love, Vernie

Tina said...

I'm sending prayers from MN! I just updated my blog and ended it by saying GOD IS GOOD! We think alike!! He IS good--all the time, not matter what happens, or how we feel. Amen! :]