Sunday, April 5, 2009

Testing 1,2,3.....Testing 1,2,3...

I just realized today that we are in April. All my days tend to run together....

I have testing coming up April 15th....and an appt. with my oncologist on April 22nd to go over my tests! These will be the first tests I've had since my last chemo treatment and will determine next steps. I believe I will not be going back for anymore chemo...however, the doctors will determine any growth (there won't be) and how often I will be returning for testing, if they feel that the cancer is gone (which it is)!!

So I'm closer to having results than what I realized....I'll be glad to get it over but I know that I have 3 scans with contrast, which means I'll be drinking lots of the yukky stuff. It makes me very nauseated but I guess on a scale of having cancer and being tested to insure it is is but a small price to pay. So, I guess I will get over it. I just need to take Steve along because he has a way of making me do what I'm supposed to do without me getting so upset. He hands me the cup of nasty stuff but then starts pointing out funny things in the room or making jokes as he tips the cup up for me to drink. I'm drinking it before I realize that I've been scammed! ha.

It started off as a beautiful sunny day but we now have cloud cover....which makes me cold. I've not warmed up from church today. Man, I started wondering where the igloos was an ice house. Of course, some felt it was perfect...

Last night we went to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta to watch Happy Days. These were tickets that were in my stocking from Christmas. We, of course had to go to the Varsity first....what is an event without the Varsity?? It was very cold in the theatre and I believe it was the first time that it wasn't packed out. I suppose the economy is affecting sales or maybe it is because it is so cold in there....ha. I'll post some pictures later....because I found my Easter hat at the Varsity!! I'll have to find something red and white to go with it but hey, it was free and fit my head. Those who don't know what the Varsity is the world's largest drive-in and a must go place if you visit Atlanta. It is a great people watching place.

Well, I think I'll go lay down and try to warm up!
As always, thank you for your prayers and all are amazing, no real words to explain how much.


Jim Crum said...

As a friend of Desiree I have prayed for you for a long time. She sent the blog site in an email and I was amazed. My sister was the Pastor's wife in Muncie, Indiana and was a red head with blue eyes. Your family from Indiana may know her. Dee was such a wonderful sister and so full of life but in 1996 succumbed to a brain stem tumor. She went out of this world telling others how good her God was. I think looking at you I will just adopt you and keep on praying. God is still in the healing business and I will believe with you that you are clean. God Bless and Keep you. Hope all your days are filled with only good news.
Jim Crum from Everyone's Apostolic

Jasmine Robinson-Corcoran said...

Hey Sis Boyd... I had no idea that this was all going on until Des posted the blog EA. You are such an inspiration, and my prayers are with you and for you!! Thanks for posting this blog, I will definitely being staying up to date with you :) I hope to see you soon if I ever make it "home" :) Now hug Miss Kim and tell her that I DID NOT give her permission to grow up :) Love ya'll!!!