Thursday, November 6, 2008

My pump died last night so I was back at Emory today!!

It was about 10 p.m. and I was asleep on the couch and this horrible loud beeping was going off on my infusion pump. I immediately took it to Steve to see what was wrong. It kept giving us error codes and the shrill beeping wouldn't stop! Steve changed the batteries and we messed around with it for a little while and then decided to call the actual owners of the infusion pump for help around 10:30 pm.

By the way for those who are wondering.....I have 50 hrs. of chemo each time I go. I have the really bad chemo while I'm all day at the hospital but then leave with an infusion pump and chemo bag that lasts for another 46 hrs. This is supposed to run concurrently.

So we called the help desk who had to page someone. They called me from North Carolina and all they could offer was that the error code was a malfunction (ummmm, yeah got that) and kept telling us to change the batteries over and over. It would never erase the error codes and the on-call help person said that was all they knew to do so I would have to go back to the hospital and get another pump. I asked if there was another option with a closer office. She said, "can't you just drive over and get a pump?" I said, "my drive is an hour to an hour and a half and I'm on chemo and alot of pain meds/ just don't get in a car and drive"......she said, "oh really, I'm sorry about that but that is the only option".....It made me wonder if this person even knew what she was is an infusion pump for chemo.....why would she think it would be so easy to jump in a car and go pick up a pump? If we could have picked it up last night, Steve could have jumped in the car and taken me....but you can't just call in to work all the time because of malfunctioning equipment. Steve already takes off alot of time with me.

Anyway, it was so late in the evening so there wasn't anything I could do because she said emergency rooms do not have these pumps and they have to be picked up from an actual infusion Kimberly, I and a friend went down this morning to Emory to get another pump. This just adds another day to my chemo. I now go to Emory on Saturday to be unhooked vs. Friday.

The good news about this is that I may not feel as bad getting it off on Saturday vs. Friday and might be able to go hear the choirs sing....however, I must admit that the spinal epidural has only slightly removed pain in my back and the chemo is already taking a toll on me. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel. As I always say, chemo has its own mind.

The neuropathy is really really bad this time. I washed my hands in the bathroom and thought they had injected thousands of needles into the tips of my fingers. All I could do was stand there and shake my hands and run them under warm water to try to stop the pain. The nurse told me they could give me another medicine (oh joy) for it. Every medicine has another side effect and it gets really hard trying to manage all of them. However, it is the only way to live through this. Believe me, prayer first and foremost but then I have to take medicine to manage nausea, etc. etc.

So, having the pump break down could be a really great thing. Who knows? We were able to get in and out within an hour so it wasn't bad. It is just alot of time and gas to do these things especially when they are the other side of town. This is the 3rd time this week I've been to the hospital, doctor, etc. and I still have to go Saturday. Ever think your life is boring???? Oh my.....I can't tell you how boring this is.

The day was bright and beautiful so getting out, even to go to Emory gave me something in my day to look forward no real complaining here.

As always, love your cards, thoughts, e-mails, blog comments etc. and I covet your prayers. I have enjoyed the comments from co-workers and friends I've not talked to in years. Oh my, how exciting to hear from you guys!! I just love to hear from anyone.....some days, all I do is read e-mail, cards and that is my energy for the day so I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gonna lay back down,
Love to all,


Donna said...

We had such a good service last night. Leah, I can't wait for you to hear the message Bro. David Jury preached. The title was "Perfectly Positioned". WOW! Some awesome preaching & so much of what we go through from day to day was covered in that message. It gives us the reassurance that God has it ALL in His hands! He is so wonderful to us. The strength & encouragement it gives us to know we don't have to face anything alone. I am so thankful to be able to depend on my closest FRIEND! He is our uplifter & anything else we need.

I could talk about Him all day but must do some other things too.

Donna New

Linda Shanks said...

"Is anything to BIG for our God?" I am glad to know that there is nothing he can't do. I am praying for God to give you rest and a special touch so that you will be able to go and see your choir sing. I know that you would really enjoy that and I pray you have the strength to go. Your words are very uplifting and your faith in God is awesome. I can see God's hand of mercy and grace in your life and the trust you have in God. I know that he will honor your faithfulness.
Love and prayers,
Linda Shanks