Sunday, November 2, 2008

God is so good!

Today I was able to attend church and have lunch with my family!

I'm so thankful to the Lord for the strength. There is never a day that goes by that I ever think my own strength is what gets me through. I think alot about all the prayers that others are sending up for me and I know that is what makes my days bearable.

The church service was so uplifting. The worship and praise and then the preaching are always so uplifting. Today's message was "Peace in a Perfect Storm".

Most people today are in some sort of storm in their life. It could financial, sickness, trouble with the family, job related stress, lack of a job, too much work, marital problems, and the list goes on.....

One of the most important things I learned very early in life is to keep God first always, keep working hard, keep the right spirit and attitude and seek wise counsel. Sometimes we are in the situation because we got ourselves there. Other times, it just happens. Such as I feel in my just happened. It wasn't planned or expected. So what do you do? We have to make up in our mind that giving up or giving in is not an option.

First, we need to pray for knowledge and then make a plan to get ourselves out of the storm and allow God to lead us. God is not the author of fear, therefore we should not choose to allow fear into our lives. We have to embrace change around us and pray for the right fit into our lives. Sometimes because things are changing around us, rather than going to the Master for his help, we start changing ourselves to accomodate the change. In some ways we have to but never compromising our beliefs, character or ultimate relationship with the Lord. Once we do that, we are on downward spiral. He may be the one who created our storm, as was illustrated in the message today to get our attention. We have to learn to pay attention and look to him for our calm.

This is what I'm trying to do knowing I'm facing my spinal epidural and my 6th chemo this week. The week of my chemo becomes mentally challenging. I must confess, at times it brings me to tears. Not because I know I'm not going to make it in the big scheme of things but I know how hard it is and I have to do it anyway. It is not fact, I believe it is one of the hardest things I've ever done (besides worrying about my kids). It is the unknown of what it is going to do this is the knowing that pain that comes with this journey is many times almost unbearable. I keep my chin up and face the challenge anyway because I know my strength lies in prayer.

This is why I don't ever want to write a blog one time and not thank every person that says a prayer for me. It is not by my strength but by the strength I receive through prayer by each of you. I thank you for that....for I do not want to walk this journey alone.

On a very positive note: Our church choir was on the front of the Atlanta Journal Constitution today and in the Metro section. They won a regional choir competition, "How sweet the sound" and are going to the National Competition this Saturday, November 8th at Philips Arena. This competition is supported by Verizon. You can buy tickets on The choir already won $10,000 and are going for $25,000 but most importantly they hope to reach out to people. This is what our choir does every service. They reach out to people through music and God's annointing does the rest. This is a nationwide competition and in today's newspaper, it was quoted that they think our choir is going to go all the way and be the National winner!! Pretty awesome!

If you want to view the choirs, you can on howsweetthesound. com. You would need to click on Atlanta to view our choir. We are the large choir winner and People's choice award. Go Atlanta West Pentecostal Choir! I hope I'm able to be there and root for you! We have tickets but it is all according to how my chemo treatment works......either way, we will pray that you not only win the competition but win the hearts of those who may not believe or go to church. I know that is the ultimate purpose of the choir. :-)

I think that is a wrap for today. I love my blanket....slept with it last night. It is very warm and comfy!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

I read about that choir Leah, had no idea that was where you worshipped. Wonderful! Oh I know you will enjoy cheering them on and I certainly hope you will feel up to attending. I may try to do that myself! Take care and remember, you are not alone, there is a crowd of us standing beside you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leah. I went on-line and listened to your church choir - they are awesome and so inspiring!
I see why you don't want to miss a Sunday! Thanks again for sharing all of this with us. Remember, we are all here for you - reading your blogs every day and praying for you.

Tammy Taylor