Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm officially 50% completed after Friday!

As soon as this bag of chemo that is attached to my chest is removed, I will be officially half way over!!!! YIPPPEEEE.......I can't tell you how happy I am. :-)

I was really dreading this treatment. I'm not sure why except my last treatment didn't go as well. However the chain of events with the spinal epidural being done the day before, really helped. It didn't give me alot of time to worry about today. I don't sit around and worry but I have to mentally gear up for the challenge.

This time my fingers are very very sensitive to anything cold....they hurt over the smallest of things (more so than normal). The nurse told me today that she wanted me to really watch my symptons because this is when it starts to get really bad. She wanted me to alert them if I started having problems breathing, (whole list of things), etc. However, I did not have any of those things the whole time they put on the bad chemo, in fact, I was able to sleep......that is a really big deal for me, as I don't sleep much at a time because the pain keeps me awake.

I just know it is the Lord through your prayers. As soon as Steve downloads pictures from today's will see that I was wrapped up in your prayers! God is soo good all the time. I would just love not to be so nauseated that I'm able to attend the Nationals, "How Sweet the Sound" choir competition at Philips Arena this week. Saturday is usually my really bad day so I'm praying that I'm going to have a turnaround this time and be able to be there.

Well, I'm tired....chemo always wears me out. I want my pjs, blankie, and couch. :-)
Love to all,

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Donna said...

I hope & pray that Saturday will be the best Saturday you have ever had since you have been on chemo. I would love for you to be able to be at the choir competition finals. We plan to take our camera to video our choir.

I am so thankful the Lord is giving you the strength that you have each day. I thank Him for hearing every prayer about your situation.

We continue to call your name in prayer.

Donna New