Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blessings, Blessings, Count them one by one! :-)

Yesterday our day started around 6 a.m. in the frigid 20 degree weather to get to Emory for my chemo appointment. Steve warmed up the car but it still didn't feel like it. Wow, the weather really changed quickly this year. It just puts us all into the Holiday spirit. :-) Or should I say it does for me. I love this time of the beautiful and joyful. I hope you feel that way too!

Although we didn't arrive home until about 5:30p.m. (very long day at Emory), it was very exciting to walk up to see my Christmas tree set up and lit up with my lights turned down and Christmas music playing. It sounds so silly but laying and watching a lit Christmas tree, fire place blazing, Christmas music and hot chocolate is one of the blessings God gives me for comfort. I do it year after year. I have to pay special tribute to the elves who came over and worked on it all day as a surprise (my sister, Lisa and nephews, Andrew and Nathaniel and my daughter, Kimberly).

Of course, to top all that off....another elf had brought dinner. These elves have been coming for the past 3 months on my chemo weeks. This is my church family. I appreciate all of them so much. I pray that God is blessing their families in so many ways! They pray for me every single church service. I appreciate the prayer so much. I don't like the attention at all but love the prayer and support.

My work family has supported us through paper goods. They brought over so much at the beginning and we've just now have run out. Mom just mentioned that they want to bring over more on Saturday. They also left American Express cards to use for expenses. They constantly support me by filling in my position while I'm gone, cards, calls, gifts, and most importantly prayer! No words to express gratitude! I love and miss them!

I use my blanket every single day. I also take it to Emory. It is by far the most comfortable blanket and I do feel that I'm wrapped in your prayers every time I use it! I really do get alot of comfort from the blanket because it is just soft enough and definitely warm. I tend to freeze most of the time so it is perfect. I caught Kimberly under it the other night and I had to be selfish and let her know that she had to fork it over....this was one thing that only had one owner! ha. Another one of the blessings from all of you.

I was in pain in the night but I didn't wake up with nausea this morning, which is a real blessing. I've had it the whole time I've been sick and it is supposed to increase so the fact that it didn't happen this morning...almost alarmed me. ha. I had to sit and think about whether I was really awake and whether I was really feeling what I thought I was feeling. Another blessing...thanks to your prayers.

Another exciting thing is that we may have pinpointed a reason for some of the excruicating pain I've been having. They sent me for more x-rays yesterday and feel they may have located the reason. We are going to see over the next few days with new medicine and process to see if it can be alleviated. My day to day quality of life would greatly improve!! It pays to keep telling your doctor over and over. This would be a great blessing!

So many things to be grateful for that I don't ever want to let my few little issues seem greater than the blessings God bestows on us everyday. All of you alone have blessed me and my family's life so much....I wouldn't even be able to start but you all know who YOU are.

I give thanksgiving first and foremost to my Creator, Jesus Christ and secondly to all of you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Love, joy and peace to all!!


Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog Leah,it is a wonderful way to keep all who love you up to date on your progress. I feel like I need to encourage you to know I care and that we love you and then you always end up encouraging me instead by your written testimony. You have always been that way for me. The many hours we spent on the phone in past times, you always seemed to lift me up when I was going through something even if you were going through things yourself. You are such a Godly example, and I am continually praying for your complete healing. We all know it is on the way!! This will be behind you soon. I love you!
Jennifer Puckett

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah. I know having your tree decorated when you got home was a special surprise. That was so thoughtful. You sound upbeat today and that's really good considering you just got a treatment. Maybe things are going to get easier for you in spike of what "they say". Don't always listen to what "they say" because it's not always right. I love this time of year too - I'm off work today and enjoying just looking out the window and being with Chris and my 6 canine kids. Just want you to know that we're always thinking about you and praying for you - even on days when we don't blog. Take care and have a good weekend.

Tammy Taylor

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah! I am so excited for you, got your tree up and decorated, girl you "rock"! Now that should definitely put you in the spirit. I'm so busy at work today, sitting in for all the others who are out, one being named "Tammy". (Smiling face goes here) Keep that attitude and sweet spirit you have Leah, it will take you far and make this journey easier. My cousin had the same spirit as you have, and today, she is cancer free, hair back, weight back, looks 20 years younger, and is a testimony of what prayers can do! She is a good example of a Christian woman that never stopped praying and never stopped believing in prayer. I pray for you, my Church family prays for you, and I believe in the power of prayer. I love reading your messages, you can write as much as you want and however you want, it's good to read it. May you smile today, thru it all, keep smiling. (and keep warm!!! - it's freezing out there) Love, Vernie (Tammy's friend and co-worker)

Anonymous said...

Hi: Leah

Hope you feeling much, much better.If you need anything let me know.
Love Jeanette Roberson