Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I hope all the Father's had a wonderful day today. It was so beautiful that it was just hot!! I almost went out to the pool this afternoon, which will be my first in 2 years but realized that I would be scorched. I stayed in and paid bills. Kimberly came in after dinner and went out to the pool. She lives out there these days.

The girls brought breakfast to their dad in bed. They made blueberry pancakes, eggs, whole grain biscuit and milk. We went to church and had an awesome service (they are all awesome, seriously)!! We went to dinner with the family after church and had an awesome lemon creme pie. It was wonderful to be with my 91 yr. old grandpa, dad and mom, brother-Jonathan and family, and my sister-in-law Angie. You realize how precious pictures are because you never know who might not be here next year. It could be any one of us. We are not promised tomorrow-no matter what age. We have to spend more time enjoying what we have rather than what we do not have....we are all guilty of thinking of what else needs to be done, so on and so forth rather than just sitting, resting and relaxing with our family.

I told my sister-in-law today how sad it is when you think about how much time we are consumed with our jobs. We go to bed early for our jobs. We come home tired from our jobs. So our life is living for the weekend. In this economy, we are all lucky to have our jobs but it doesn't matter if you work at home or away from home, we are always planning our next thing to do. How often do we just sit and reflect?

Speaking of time....I need to go get ready to go to bed. It is going to be a very very busy week at work. I remember Friday when I left work looking at my calendar for this week. It had me tired out already! ha.

Have a restful night!
Love to all,

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mother said...

It was a wonderful day....Even through our troubles and trials we are blessed.
The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his
blessings not his cash.

Happy people roll with the punches. They know from experience that everything changes. Today's good fortune may vanish tomorrow, today's crises may turn out to be tomorrow's good fortune.

I couldn't have said it better.
If you don't learn to roll with the punches you will be knocked out.
I am so thankful that early on in your life you learned how to roll and jump back up.

It may not be what we want or ask for ... but all we can say is
Hallelujah anyhow! We are praying for a good report Wednesday.
love Mother