Friday, March 20, 2009

Looking on the brighter is the first day of Spring!

I love the different seasons. Spring and Fall are my favorite and it just so happens, today is the first day of Spring!! Spring is about renewal. It is all the beautiful flowers, newness of life and opportunity for change.
Just as the storms that seem to come in and out of our lives, so does each season. They are here and they pass on. Let's not lose the opportunity of finding new joy and peace in this season, no matter what we do because very soon; this season will be gone.

I'm feeling much better today. Thank you for the blog comments and encouragement! I have to visit with my Surgeon, Monday morning at 9 a.m. I'm still in the thick of the journey and will be really glad when they say, "it is gone and you are NED (no evidence of disease)!!"

Have a beautiful and sunny day!

Love to all,



Indiana said...

Dear Leah
I still read your blog most every day and am amazed at how you've kept a positive attitude. People miss so much when they don't have the Lord in their lives.
When I read today that one of your favorite seasons was fall, I thought "she's plumb forgot the Indiana winters", remember after fall comes winter. How soon you forget.
Hope to see you soon

Vernie said...

Hi Leah. Glad you are feeling some better today. I love Spring the best, and it seems it is the shortest season of all! Actually, these last few days have been so nice, I even took some much-needed walks. I guess this week-end will find me preparing my soil so that I can do my garden next month. I love growing things and eating things I grow. Continue to rest, and heal, and show those doctors how faith can bring you thru a storm. I admire you so much for your wisdom and unfailing faith. Take care.


Mother said...

I am so thankful that you stayed in the race: Those who love you are waiting at the finish line to cheer you on to victory. Thank God we are on the last lap.... keep running my child!
I am so excited that on the 28th. of this month we will be able to celebrate a milestone in your life. Lordy, Lordy will Leah really be ?????????
You were a miracle child when you were born. The doctor's report was not good, but you had two praying grandmothers who touched the heart of God. God gave you breath, life and a sound mind.
Now you are living another miracle!! Your grandmothers may be gone from this life-- but their prayers have gone before you.
It can't get any better!
God is so good all the time!