Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Someone is Praying for You"

"Someone is Praying for You"

When it seems that you prayed 'til your strength is all gone,
and your tears fall like raindrops all the day long
Jesus cares and He knows just how much you can bear
He'll speak your name to someone in prayer

Someone is praying for you
someone is praying for you
And when it seems you're all alone, and your heart would break in two
remember someone is praying for you

Have the clouds 'round you Gathered in the midst of a storm
Is your ship tossed and battered Are you weary and worn
Don't lose hope someone's praying For you this very day
And peace be still is already on the way

Someone is praying for you
someone is praying for you
And when it seems you're all alone, and your heart would break in two
remember someone is praying for you.

How many times have you heard someone say, I am praying for you? What did it mean to you? I will get back to these thoughts in a moment.

I am going to blog tonight because I know that it has been very difficult for my sister to do so lately. It has become very painful for her to type. There is not much to say about her condition without sounding like a broken record. Her chemo. is over which is a good thing but sometimes the side effects are worse after the treatments are over. She had a very bad spell this week. She said it was different from anything that she has experienced so far. You just never know what to expect next. It is a roller coaster as I have mentioned in the past. You are on the top of the hill only to come crashing down moments later. You finally see the station and think it is over only to have the ride start up again.

I keep very close tabs on her and I can be talking to her one min. and everything is fine and the next she is having extreme side effects again. It is unpredictable. I can only imagine how it is for her. Imagine you are sick, you start getting well and you get your hopes up only to relapse again. That is the story of chemo. God is the only one that can bring you through it and make the sun shine again. He has been with her all the way.

Being a caregiver you do all can to help them through it. You try to make them comfortable and wish you could take away the hurt and pain. It is not easy watching a family member or anyone suffer. You know there is only one person who can heal, so you turn to him. There have been many days that I have spent with her and have done all that I can to take care of her and the pain won't go away, you feel so helpless and you know that God is in control of the situation and he is the only one that can take care of her. I just start praying and I have watched God step on the scene. It is such a comfort knowing that he is available 24/7 and we can call him anytime. He expects us to ask. The Bible tell us to ask. We would ask our earthly father so why would we not ask our heavenly father who is our creator. He is a great God who wants to take care of his children.

We will all have difficult times in our life and prayer and a relationship with God is the most important thing to keep first in our life. I can tell you that when I am going through something, the most encouraging words that someone can say to me is "I am praying for you". Sometimes we feel that when we say that to someone that we really aren't doing enough. Do you realize the power of prayer and how prayer changes things? I could tell you lots of stories of how prayer changed things. When God lays someone on your heart to pray for, pray for them. You never know what the situation is and you may never know. It could be an emergency situation. There have been times when this has happened to me and I began to pray immediately only to find out later the situation and at times it was life and death. There is not time to ask questions, we just have to be obedient and do what he asks. We are to listen to the still small voice and respond. Pray and have faith for God to answer. He will always answer in his own time, not ours. Know that he did hear you when you called so don't give up. We are to bring our petition to him. When someone says they are praying for you they are signing their name to the petition that you are bringing before God. Do you know how great that is and how wonderful it makes you feel with so many people behind you. I have watched people and how they respond when you say to them " I am praying for you". I have watched their eyes light up, an extra spring in their step, worry ease from their face, etc. I even tell strangers that I will pray for them. I have never had anyone refuse the offer of prayer yet. It doesn't cost anything but the rewards are great. Just remember when you pray to praise and thank God for all he has done and all he is going to do.

I can tell you that through all of this, it is the prayers of everyone that has helped all of us make it through the situation. It gives strength to make it through the hard times and knowing that people are standing with you. I know your prayers have meant so much to Leah and have been an encouragement to her. Don't ever think that your prayers don't matter. It is what changes things. Thank you for all your prayers and support. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone have a nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

God Bless You!

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Vernie said...

Hi Lisa, you are a blessing to Leah and the rest of your family. Yes indeed, someone is praying for you too, as I know first-hand the duties and trials of a care-giver. God blessed you to be the care-giver because he knew you could do it and he knew your spiritual strength would help Leah endure. I am praying for all of you right now, this has to be hard. If I could help ease the pain, I certainly would. But as you have said so many times before, our prayers mean a lot so this morning, I offer my sincerest of them, and ask God to please, if it be his will, to give you all peace in this storm. The sun will shine again, believe it. Thank God for you!