Sunday, March 22, 2009

No matter what trial I go through....I'm just glad I have the Lord to turn to!!

I found this poem today as I was searching for my schedule for tomorrow to return to my Surgeon and to get my port flushed. The port will stay in a year, should I need it again for any follow-up chemo. I just believe that I don't have to worry about that. "-)

However, just having the Lord to turn to in times of turmoil or things that seem to go awry, is such comfort. As my sister-in-law who has recently started coming to church says, "I never had so much peace and joy until I found the Lord, I don't know how I did it without HIM all these years." It really is a peace that passeth all understanding.

I will leave with a funny story that I was telling friends and family today and they thought I should share it on here for a laugh.

I've not had my nails done the whole time I've been sick because I had to worry about infection, white blood counts, etc. However, prior to this, I would go to the same nail shop for mani/pedis and of course, they get to know you pretty well. The nail salon that I go to is owned by a very young couple. They seem to notice everything. Well, I told them that I would not see them for a while because I was sick. Even at that time, they began speaking to one another and then all the employees looked up from doing nails and began saying, "we sorry you sick". I told them that it was fine and that they would see me soon. Well, fast forward 9 months later.....

I never really thought about it until the other day I decided to see if I could stand getting my nails done (of course, most things I was too sensitive but the massaging...oh to die for!!). As soon as I walked in and they looked up, they seem surprised and said, "we thought you die, we not see you for wong time." I told them that I knew that it had been a long time but I told them that I would be back. As they tried to do my nails, I kept jerking my hand away because it would hurt and they would all look up from doing nails and say, "we sorry, you sick". They were trying so hard to show sympathy, so they would begin to chatter to one another in their language, as they would look at me and nod their heads with sad looks. I don't know how many times they would look at me and say, "we sorry, you sick". :-) I knew they meant well, they just couldn't articulate it. Such sweet people....

It is beautiful outside here today. Hope your day is bright and sunny too!!

I Refuse to be discouraged, to be sad or to cry
I Refuse to be down-hearted and here's the reason why
I have a GOD who's Mighty, who's Sovereign and Supreme
I have a GOD who loves me, and I am on HIS team
HE is all Wise and Powerful, JEHOVAH IS HIS name
Though everything is changeable, my GOD remains the same
My GOD knows all that's happening, beginning to the end
HIS Presence is my comfort,
When sickness comes to weaken me,to bring my head down low
I call upon my Mighty GOD, into HIS arms I go
When circumstances threaten, to rob me of my peace
HE draws me close unto HIS breast, where all my strivings cease
When my heart melts within me, and weakness takes control
HE gathers me into HIS arms, HE soothes my heart and soul
The great "I AM" is with me, my life is in HIS hand
The "GOD OF JACOB" is my Hope, it's in HIS strength I stand
I Refuse to be defeated, my eyes are on my GOD
HE has promised to be with me, as through this life I trod
I'm looking past all circumstance, to Heaven's throne above
My prayers have reached the heart of GOD,I'm resting in HIS love
I give GOD thanks in everything, my eyes are on HIS face
The Battle's HIS, the Victory mine, HE'LL help me win life's race.

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Vernie said...

Hey Ms. Leah, girl you are too much! That story about your "peeps" at the nail salon was a hoot! Made me smile.

Hope tomorrow's doctor visit is short so you can enjoy this beautiful weather! Will check on you for sure!