Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well,I'm going back to Emory today for a Procedure.

Yesterday after visiting a GI specialist as a follow-up from my ER visit, she wanted to get me in to have an endoscopy before my next chemo appt. which is tomorrow. They just happened to have a cancellation with Emory's esphogus specialist. Yeah for me!! :-) :-( Sad and glad all at the same time because I'm sick of procedures.

However, it is good they are able to get me in today because I do not want the pain I had with the esphogus spasms or so they think. Apparently these spasms are very painful and act like a heart attack so many times people are mis-diagnosed.

So, I have to leave for Emory at 1 p.m., to be prepped for surgery at 2:00 p.m. and in surgery at 3:00 pm. They say that I'll only be in surgery and recovery for about 2 hrs.

So after today, I'll have been at Emory every day this week except Thursday. Oh, I'll be so glad to be out of medical facilities. I've had my fill for a lifetime!! My body is now probably worth close to a half million dollars or possibly more with the surgeries and side bar visits to specialists.

I would not have guessed in a million years that this would have been me. Not that I've ever questioned it but I've always led a clean life so I guess you just assume your health is always going to be there. I guess this just shows us that we are never to assume or take for granted blessings such as our health or other things that we just expect.

One thing I did not expect and that is the awesome support everyone has shown. Mickey Clarke on behalf of my office and our office in Reston, Virginia brought over so many paper goods, drinks, tea, peppermint tea and then left us with money on Sunday!! I felt overwhelmed as I always do when someone shares of their time, their food, money, etc. I just feel so indebted to all of you. The meals, cards, flowers, and overall support that is always being bestowed upon my family. I thought about it all day yesterday on the way to Emory and cried all the way to pick up my sister. I just don't know how to express the gratitude. I can't even begin to give back what others have given to me but I do know that I will pay it forward!

I've never been to a funeral where they talked about the material things that were accumulated in someone's life. They usually never talk about their job or about how smart the person was....it is typically always about the relationships the person had with others. The impact their life made in this world. It is those things that I want to be remembered for. Not the things that I have but the way I might have treated someone who was having a bad day or the relationship with my children and family. It is more important to treat someone with kindness and take a few extra minutes than to quickly snap at someone. I'm always preaching to the choir in my comments but I want my life to have purpose. I want my life to reflect something that people feel and like. I do not want to be the person that others turn away from. I want to be a friend that others are proud to have and to be around.

Well, guess I better run. I have a long day today. Tomorrow starts my chemo again. Please pray that my counts are up and I can have this next treatment. I'm ready for the "end of chemo" party to begin. I dread the chemo, I don't dread the disease. Sounds weird, I know.....

Love to all,


Donna said...

I think of you often. I hope this week of chemo goes well for your sake so you can get to the "end of chemo" party sooner rather than later.

We love you & thank you for the encouraging words you write. It is so uplifting and helps us to think and weigh out every little thing that a day holds. I want to always be mindful and take for granted the good things that come my way.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah. By the time you read this from me your procedure should be over and you will most likely be home resting. My prayer is that you are comfortable and surrounded with love. Sweet dreams my dear. Can't wait to read how things went, you always add so much "color" to your descriptions of events.

Much love!