Thursday, February 5, 2009

Been up for a few hours this morning! Be safe!

I went to bed around midnight and was up at 3:30 a.m. I'm feeling a little nauseous but that is to be expected the day after chemo. I usually don't feel my worst until my chemo bag is removed, which will be tomorrow. I also get that shot tomorrow which I'm dreading. I dread chemo and all the shots. I haven't dreaded the disease, it is all the process of getting rid of the disease through chemo that I've dreaded.

Yesterday I was asked to write an article for, "Relay for Life". I, of course want to share my journey with others so that hopefully someway they are inspired. I just hope my chemo brain does my writing justice for others to understand and grasp how wonderful it is to have as much prayer you can have on your behalf as you go through this. We can all find something in our day to be joyful about but it does require our effort, especially if this is an area that we need to work on. It is always easy to find the negative and dwell on it but sometimes in that frame of mind, more difficult to find the positive.

Mom just sent me an article where they monitor blood pressure, immunity systems, etc. in those that watched stressful, scary movies and found that the immunity systems, blood pressure and other medical issues were very high. They then had the same group watch something on Mother Theresa and the results were very positive with the immunity systems being boosted, blood pressure lowers and a more positive mind set. So, obviously being positive is good for our bodies. I've never watched scary movies but I've probably worried about things I cannot control way to much. We have to be careful because our health is dependent on more than just our exercise and weight.

This is totally off the subject but my brother and sister-in-law were broken into on Tuesday of this week. It happened between 8-12 in the morning. My sister-in-law came home to her door kicked in and the house totally ransacked. In fact, even their bed was taken apart. They lost their original wedding rings, his rings, class rings, birth stones, brand new large plasma TV, DVD players, camers, laptop with so much personal information on it such as Tax Returns, name it. They are still finding things that were stolen as these guys dumped out all the dresser drawers. They were so picky, the money they found, they sorted through and left the pennies on the bed. It tells you that there are definitely plenty in this group to sift through things like they did. They had my brother's guns laying out on the floor but didn't take them so we are thinking they were spooked or concerned about them being traced. Apparently this is going on alot according to the detectives that were swiping for fingerprints (no fingerprints, they all wore gloves). The local Taco Max was broken in and Sidelines in Marietta was broken in just recently and they say that several robberies have all happened in the same area. Areas are being targetted. If you have dogs, it is better to leave them in the house during the day if you aren't home. Any type of deterrants....

The sad thing is that the the guys returned yesterday to their next door neighbors and after all the guys jumped out of the truck, they went around the house and was trying to steal the golf cart. The lady was home and yelled at them, they became spooked and jumped in the truck and left. Our economy is causing alot of desperate people so please even if you are home during the day....please leave your doors locked. Apparently these guys didn't even look to see or know if someone was home. She was there by herself and didn't want them to come in on her so she yelled first trying to scare them away. Police Enforcement didn't have time to get there before they left. However, I understand, I wouldn't want to call police and wait while the guys were in my house either. You never know what they will do.

So the motto of the day, "Stay Positive and Be Safe". We can replace things but not people. These guys are not being very careful. They are running and gunning so please watch out for yourselves and others. This applies to all of us. The newscaster on the late night news was talking about his own break-in the other night and said it is happening all over.

Take Care, God Bless all of You!
Love ya,

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#1 Fan said...

Hi Leah, I saw that news reporter the other night also, so sad that he and his wife had been victims of such a violent break-in! It is so sad that any of us are victims of crimes. So much bad stuff in the world now until it's hard to be careful of everything all the time without making yourself crazy! (which is what I probably have done to myself) I've been a victim twice, and it really makes you suspicious of everybody and everything! I don't know the answer to this mess but it is sure a mess!

I went out to Emory to see my cousin the other day and thought about you. Emory is such a huge place until I would have a hard time finding somebody unless I knew exactly where they were. This cousin of mine had a goiter (hope I spelled that right)removed and is healing well. She is the one I told you about in an early blog that had cancer and they had given up on her and called the family in to say good-bye. That was years ago and she is now our team captain when we have the Relay for Life in May every year. We've been doing this all-night relay for years and it is so much fun to be out there among all kinds of people with a common cause, healing and prayer for healing.

I sure have gone on-and-on today, sorry, just in that mood I guess.

Love ya, hope you are not hurting too bad! you're a trooper!!