Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today has been another lazy day!

P.S. I finally updated the pictures at the bottom to show newest treatments, family pictures, etc. I still do not have pictures from the tea but will show them as soon as I do!

Haven't even gotten out of my pjs today. My body isn't totally pain free but I feel pretty good compared to most days. The sun is beautiful outside but it is still too cold!

We just had another dinner brought to us (even though I told them I didn't have chemo this week, they insisted) so we will just have to eat it. ha. All the food that has been brought to our home has been so delicious! I can do alot of things for other people but cooking is not one of the great things I do. :-) It may because Steve has cooked for us so many years. He is the first one to leave everyday and the first one usually to get home. He has taken upon himself to be the cook of the house. No complaining here.

Pam, we did find Angela a dress. Vernie-it is not hoochie either. She tried on 4 dresses, they all fit and were beautiful but she picked one and it looks beautiful on her. I couldn't believe it was that easy. However, I was pretty tired by the time we started putting dresses on her so I was really glad we were able to find something so quickly.

Kimberly is supposed to be home tonight so we might take Angela out, just to be with her by ourselves. I guess this means I'll have to get out of my pjs and really get dressed. :-( I wish pjs were acceptable. I wear them 24/7. I never thought I would be saying that....but life has a way of changing our minds.

Don't forget church tomorrow. It is the best day of the week. It is where my faith is nourished and my strength is made stronger. As I've said before, I hate the struggle but Thank God for the strength. It is something I could not have ever imagined and can't even really explain it today. It has been a very bumpy ride but not without purpose. Life has never seemed more grand, relationships more important and God's grace and mercy more evident. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....

Make the most of your day and stay warm!

As always,
Love to all,


Vernie said...

Hey Leah, wonderful pictures girl! That picture of the Crab boil made me hungry, I should have been there! YUM YUM! That one of you and your Mom when your car messed up was precious. She looked like she knew things were gonna be okay and that the storm would pass, just like when I met her at the tea. Her peaceful nature shows, that's to be admired.

Glad you got Angela a nice dress, and even happier knowing she will look like the lady she is! Don't see much of that these days! WHEW! I'm no prude but some of these girls make me wonder...

Oh well, gotta do granddaughter's hair for Church tomorrow, which is a chore for me because I don't like doing hair which is why I got less hair than you! (smiling face goes here) I cut my hair years ago because of the hot flashes and now it's just like a boy's cut and so easy to maintain. So now I gotta try to do hair and she has a lot of it and she does not like getting it done, so usually somebody ends up in tears. (guess who that would be!) But she likes Church so much so I can tell her "no clean hair, no Church". That works but it's still a struggle! I'm glad she's here though, she has been my litle blessing and I have been her Angel. (I'll tell you that story when you got days to listen - another smiling face goes here)

Anyway, get some rest, enjoy tomorrow and every day that follows!


Linda Shanks said...

Good morning Leah,
I truly enjoy the pictures you have posted. My son & daughter-in law were at the house yesterday looking at old pictures and they came across pictures from A.C.T.S. and the Church. Of course, there were several pictures of you and our younger years. I will have to bring them when we get together. The pictures bring back a lot of wonderful memories. They were also looking at the christmas picture you sent of your family and they were talkng about your beautiful daughters. You hang in there because God is standing right there with you and he will be there just in time. I was thinking and praying for you the other day and the song that the McGruder's sing came to my mind. The title of the song is, "Standing on A Miracle". That is what you are doing and I say you are doing a great job at it. You are truly trusting God and it makes me think that he is watching you and simply smiles at your faith. We serve a great God and I know that he loves you and he sees every tear, every heartache and he knows and feels every pain you feel. He will carry you through. I am sending you love and prayers this morning and I am praying that you will be able to complete your treatments this week. I look forward to the pictures of the Tea. I truly enjoyed that Tea and I look forward to doing something again soon.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Oh Leah, I love all the new pics. Glad to see "both" of your dogs. I know they are helping you through this process too. You are really looking good through all of this turmoil. I guess it's your inner beauty showing all the way through to the outside! Hang in there - not much more to go!