Saturday, February 7, 2009

It was a long day.....

Yesterday ended up as a long day. We had to wait to get in at Emory but we were out at 12:30 p.m. and thought we were doing pretty good on time....well, until my radiator blew on us going down Memorial Drive.

Mom saw the steam and realized the car had overheated. I didn't see a thing. We pulled over and had alot of offers for help but we were concerned about the help because we weren't sure if they knew more than we did. So, we called Steve-who came and tried to rescue us. We soon realized after taking the car down the road that it wasn't going to make it.

Mom called a repair shop, who referred us to a wrecker that would be right out there. Needless to say, we sat for several hours in the sun waiting for the wrecker. We had to walk up and down the road just to figure out where we were to try to give directions. We realized at this point we were off Lee Rd. in front of Morehouse College of Medicine but apparently there are more of these campsus', which makes it harder to find if you are using a GPS system.

They told me that my pain would probably kick in 3-4 hrs. after I had my initial shot. I was praying to the Good Lord that it did not happen while we sat on the side of the road. Thank the Lord, it did not kick in until this morning. The pain has been pretty unbearable this morning. It aches in my bones. I just thank the Lord that it didn't start yesterday. They say it should only be a few days. I'm just so thankful that I'm on the home stretch!! One more treatment, they keep is supposed to be the worst but I'm really trying to get excited just knowing that it is my LAST!!

Well, I'm going to get some tea and sit on my heating pad for relief. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. :-)
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Wow!! If it wasn't so frustrating, your tales would be hilarious. First, your keys while taking a quick shopping trip and now the radiator. I have learned to try to laugh to avoid the tears, so laugh at God's little "bumps." Maybe it will make a good book one day, "Torrential Rains Before the Brightest Rainbow." Ha!!

If it makes you feel any better, I locked my keys in my house the other day while heading out to school. The kids thought that I had them, and I thought that they had them (result of too much stress). So, we are standing outside with no house or car key and desperately needing to get to work/school. I could not get David on his cell phone because he doesn't have a signal at work, and my parents were in the hospital. Isn't life grand? Now I have chuckles, then tears of frustration. Needless to say, it, of course, worked out with a little lesson on humility. (I didn't mention that my only two neighbors were out of town.) I do believe that God has a sense of humor.

One more treatment... Yah!! I (alongwith hundreds of others) am praying for you, so STAY STRONG!!


#1 Fan said...

Oh my goodness Leah, if only I had known you were in that area on Saturday! I know the Morehouse and Spelman campus all too well! Actually, my granddaughter and I were over there most all day Saturday. She has dance classes at Spelman and since it was such a pretty day, I got out and walked the campus. Even though it is a weird looking area of town, I've always felt okay. My daughter took dance classes there and that was 30 years ago, things have changed a lot since then but they keep security visible. Even so, people are evil these days so I try to be careful wherever I am. I'm so glad you got thru that without your pain kicking in, that would have been bad for you and your Mom. Mercy me girl, you've had some kinks in your road but you've traveled like the champ you are!

I'm on my way to Church, and I know the first thing my Sunday-School friends are gonna want to know is how you are doing. They will certainly be very interested in the events from yesterday! We have your name on our prayer list and you should hear these prayers for your healing coming from Christian ladies that don't know you, they just know you are a child of God going thru a crisis! You are so loved!

Feel better soon! Love you much!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Leah, one more treatment! That is so exciting. I know you will get through it with flying colors! I can't wait for the blog that says "I'm Cancer Free"! I know it's coming. Hang in there.